Titan Men’s Muscle Daddies Continues…

This week Titan Men continues Muscle Daddies, the movie spotlighting beefy older muscle types, with a scene distinctly intimating domestic bliss. It stars exclusive Jesse Jackman and recently arrived Steve Roman who both qualify physically as the type specified in the movie title. But, in this particular onscreen match-up while one of the guys here IS the “daddy” the “who” isn’t as clear until well into the scene.

As with the first scene, and we assume like the upcoming finale, there’s really no full-fledged story. Just pumped up, intense sex with two manly men types who each know themselves well and what makes the other tick. There’s no wide-eyed surprise as a towel clad Jesse Jackman enters the kitchen to see Steve Roman wearing nothing but a jock strap as he does the dishes. Similarly Steve doesn’t jump as Jesse comes behind him comes up behind him and kisses him.

Of course muscle sex ensues but not in a very predictable manner…which makes this scene all the better. As some body play  Jesse gets on his knees and makes out with Steve’s furry ass. He kisses, rims, spanks, and fingers his hole. All the while Steve’s jock strap stays on, even after they switch places and Steve rims Jesse’s furry butt. There is a difference of course because Jesse’s towel has fallen away and when he turns around Steve sucks his curvy boner.

Jesse Jackman switches places and sucks Steve Roman but the dynamic between the guys isn’t so clear: there’s an aggressiveness in both men. Jesse sucks Steve with great fervor and Steve is not shy about thrusting his hips and cock into his mouth.  When they kiss the Jesse pushes Steve on the bed and lies on top of him to kiss him hard but still it’s not clear yet about the “daddy dynamic”. That is until Jesse gets up, pulls Steve’s legs and turns him over, He gets Steve on all fours, aggressively probes his hole and slides in his cock in to power fuck him.

Steve Roman looks like the strong & silent, stern hairy muscled type and in some ways he is, but here he shows again that he’s a very vocal model who grunts and growls, loud and clear.  It’s the same kind of animalistic and vibrant vocal expression heard from Liam Knox.  Jesse fucks Steve harder and harder and then finishes off the hairy muscle beat on his back. Of course this aural reference to animals, grunting, etc is only accentuated by Steve and Jesse whose bodies are tan and furry.

Jesse fucks the cum out of Steve and it’s here that Steve yells the loudest in a powerfully intense orgasm. Jesse Jackman has been relatively quiet until now and if you think about it he’s not a hugely vocal performer. At least that’s the impression we have. However ,here he matches Steve Roman by belting out an explosive yell as he cums. The scene ends with passionate kissing and satisfied smiles. And once again Titan Men and director Jasun Mark make the case that mature men have got it going on.

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