Sean Cody: Jess & Conrad!

This week Jess returned to Sean Cody and that’s always good news. This handsome and hung stud really is a super-top and when coupled with the fact that he’s developed his “cum factory” talent he can virtually carry any scene. He proves as much in the his newest appearance taking on Conrad, the handsome and nice guy who is also a relatively dull performer. We keep waiting to see him open up and show us the potential that Sean Cody must have seen when he was hired.  We thought Jess would be the one to light a fire under him and though he comes close it isn’t to be this time.

The scene opens with Jess getting interviewed by the infinity pool and Conrad dumping a bucket of water on him from the balcony above. The playfulness is a little contrived but Jess goers along with it and takes his expected revenge by pushing Conrad in the pool. He’ll exact revenge later when he power fucks Conrad. At this point though they engage in some make-up kissing before going inside. There Conrad pulls down Jess’ shorts and gets his first look his meat, still pretty soft but impressive..and a challenge.

Conrad doesn’t really do much in the way of sucking him but that isn’t a issue for Jess. Conrad’s attempts combined with his licking the shaft and his balls and stroking him do the job and Jess gets huge before our eyes. Maybe all of Conrad’s incredulous remarks about Jess’ cock help..along with one big two-handed stroke. Jess grabs his cock and directs a big thick cumshot on his cheek and chin. Conrad milks out every drop (good) and sucks on Jess’ sensitive head (good) which Jess loves (good). He also gives Conrad a compliment on his sucking which may seem undeserved until you see the behind the scene’s epilogue. However Conrad spits out the cum (bad) and wipes it off his face (bad) to stroke Jess who is still hard (good).

We WILL give Conrad credit for at least taking on Jess’ cock. Jess fingers his hole and then Conrad sits on it. He’s also hard while riding Jess’ cock but really this is The Jess Show. Give him a tight hole to fuck and he steps it up. He’s not just gifted with a big cock, he has a sensitive cock and he knows how to find that place physically and mentally in a mouth or hole and lose himself, relaxed as he enjoys the pleasure and cums. He pulls out in time for the camera to catch his cum bursting out and shoves his cock back inside the dirty talking Conrad. Again Jess strokes his ego with compliments. That’s a GOOD performer.

Jess fucks Conrad from behind and gives it to him hard (is this his water dumping revenge?) and though Conrad gets vocal and talks dirty he doesn’t stroke himself…at first. He must have figured out from Jess’ moans and his swelling cock that Jess was ready to cum because Conrad literally has to tell Jess not to do it yet. That may be the fire to get Conrad top stroke his cock. He does and though it takes some time Jess finally fucks a load out of him. And he pulls out and shoots his THIRD load of course. And he’s still not through.

Jess keeps fucking, pinning Conrad to the bed and he keeps pounding away. The grunts, moans and expletives out of Conrad seem real and they sure seem to make Jess fuck him harder. He flips Conrad on his back and fucks him and maybe as a way of helping him out Jess holds off cumming and pounds Conrad until he finally shoots. And perhaps demonstrating to Conrad not to let cum go to waste he captures some of Conrad’s cumshot in the palm of his hand to stroke his cock. And yes Jess shoots #4! Strangely enough it feels like these two have bonded at the end (it’seven cleared in the BTS sequence), basking in post -sex euphoria and cock sensitivity and a scene ending kiss. WHICH, if we’re not mistaken has some cum mixed with it.

Coming up: it’s the big unknown with Sean and Shaw …and an update to our Sean Cody Top Model List.




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