Hot House’s Dark Matter: Sean Zevran & Beaux Banks!

Just the idea of muscular duo Sean Zevran and Beaux Banks together in a scene is enough to generate instant interest in the third scene from Dark Matter now live at Hot House.  Chances are you’re expecting a hot scene and you will not be disappointed. As a matter of opinion we think you’ll find it even better than expected. Both guys bring something extra to the scene and there’s some dynamic and intense chemistry between them as a result. 

The modular platform that’s the “stage” for the action in the surreal, misty and dramatically lit Dark Matter has been changed from the giant triangle from the first two scenes into two smaller triangles meeting at a point. Out of the darkness Sean Zevran and Beaux Banks crawl up to this meeting point and each other and as Hot House describes them they’re “entranced with animalistic instincts.”  The placement of the guys is important as we see Sean’s cock is hard, while we get a first look at Beaux’ delectable rock hard bubble butt. His ass figures prominently in this scene as we find out right away.

You’ll also see right away that Beaux Banks appears ready to show he’s got star quality. As he and Sean Zevran kiss Beaux makes his way down to his cock and sucks it. He’s on all fours and his bubble butt is tilted up so that you can’t possibly takes your eyes of it. And to make sure of this director Nick Foxx places him in the setting for his ass to get key lighting . In addition Sean slides his hand down his sleek, brawny back and plays with his meaty mounds.

As for Sean, whose muscular physique looks great from EVERY angle, the director makes sure we get some mouth-watering views of him as Beaux sucks him. As Beaux goes all in Sean face fucks him, thrusting his cock down Beaux’s throat and projecting confident dominance. He doesn’t just project it subtly either. After we get some juicy close-ups of Beaux’s ass, Sean orders him up and turns him around to rim him.

With Sean standing on the floor, Beaux is on top of the platform/stage, legs apart and his torso bent forward all the way so he can touch the stage, his hot ass is perfectly aligned with Sean’s mouth. He rims Beaux’ hole and with one hand pulls down on his meaty cock and balls. He also uses his free hand to finger him. At the same time we get Beaux bending between his own legs and sucking Sean! They make it work and we get the impression that Nick Foxx wouldn’t have been able to get this positioning with another pairing.

We get more of Sean rimming and enjoying Beaux’ hot ass, including some semi-POV shots, before he fucks him from behind as Beaux straddles the stage. Again Beaux Banks steps it up by thrusting his bubble butt and hole back on Sean Zevran‘s cock and they’re so much in sync that at first glance you can’t tell for sure if Sean is still and Beaux is the active one or vice versa.

There’s comes a point during this sequence that Beaux is mostly on his kneels with his back arched and his head tilted back. Sean pulls him back more with his fingers in Beaux’ mouth and makes him suck his digits. Sean alternates between pushing Beaux back on all fours, putting his hands around his neck, lifting him higher, making him suck his fingers and turning his head to the side to kiss him passionately. Beaux expresses the perfect blend of pain and pleasure as you would expect in a scene like this.

Sean Zevran then fucks Beaux Banks on his back with the same seemingly inexhaustible drive and dominant energy, For good measure he slaps the hard pecs of his moaning bottom boy. Now lying back we get to see more of Beaux’s hot body and it’s even more apparent that he’s becoming a hot, semi-hairy muscle cub since we first saw him in action. He also goes into overdrive as he’s fucked. Moaning louder, lifting his leg to show his flexibility, writhing more, feeling up his own body and reaching down to slip some fingers into his hole as Sean fucks him. He’s virtually DP’ing himself!

And then there’s still more power fucking! Sean Zevran pins down Beaux Banks nailing him on his stomach to top of the stage. He holds him down by the neck at various times as Beaux continues to moan until finally Sean pulls out and shoots a HUGE load all over Beaux’ back. Beaux turns over and finishes himself off, jacking his cock which is quite thick and sporting a big mushroom head. Surprisingly Beaux doesn’t give a dramatic orgasmic cry or moan as his cock slowly erupts in a big thick load which he he keeps milking from his cock. They kiss at the end Beaux shows a smile of ore sexual satisfaction. Simply stated this is a star-maker scene for Beaux Banks.


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