New Faces For September 2017 Part 1

Our first newcomer spotlight of the month comes a little later than usual thanks in part to two of a regular sites last week not offering a new solo. So this week is close to a double-sized post with what we hope is also the equivalent number of good prospects. There’s been a good variety of new faces this year and so far September is a good reflection of that.

Zac at Sean Cody.  This totally ripped and dedicated trainer is certainly hot and handsome, a deep-voiced, clean cut nice guy. He did really well in school and about doesn’t even have any dirty stories to tell about his very happy fraternity days. With all this you wouldn’t even think he’s going to do a solo. But he does and and when he cums he’s a real shooter…like a mini-geyser.

Zac lost his virginity in high school but there’s NO mention of any other sex story let alone any guy stuff so either he and the site are misleading us or he’s as straight as they come. He jokingly said he was the “token Asian” at his fraternity …maybe that’s his goal here at Sean Cody.

Dougie at Sean Cody.  Last week’s newcomer Dougie was also very much into fitness built more of an older muscle-building type. And he was quite open about wanting to come back and fuck guys and manhandle them. AND he claims he’s not had any experience with guys. So clearly he’s straight and/or bisexual or “fluid” and hasn’t explored that side of his sexuality yet. We’ll see. Dougie’s body and cock and his performance style give the strong impression that he has what it takes to back up his promises of manhandling his possible co-stars. And he’s a cummer for sure. Can you imagine Dougie and Jack in a scene?

A side note on Sean Cody and the current location. As we’ve noticed in solo scenes for the past month or so the site has been shooting introductions in a living room set. In fact Dougie was the first cum on this new set. We weren’t sure until Zac’s scene but it appears this is the newly redecorated room in the  “infinity pool” house that SC returned to this year. And it appears they’re shooting sex scenes in a different bedroom than the one with window overlooking the pool. If so we may be seeing fewer problems lighting-wise. Stay tuned…

Beckett at Corbin Fisher. CF didn’t introduce someone new last week and this week they’ve got someone who’s quite different than the studio “type”. In fact we though he might have been more easily recruited by Chaos MenTall, ripped and semi-hairy 21 tear old Beckett also has a very dangerous job: underwater welder! He’s pretty laid back about being underwater and encountering a variety of water dweller that many probably wouldn’t even want to see on the other side of thick glass. And yet for his first time on camera Beckett is slightly nervous.

Fortunately those nerves dissipate slowly as he gets down to business showing off his lean-muscled body AND his big thick, cock and large balls. He’s an easy cummer too as opposed to those guys who really have to work up intensely to a cum shot. Will we see more? CF says, “There aren’t a whole lot of guys who can laugh off run-ins with sharks and then go right into showing off on camera, so we’re sure he’ll be able to dive right in here at CF!”

Calhoun at Chaos Men.  This hot bearded good-natured guy with a Southern drawl says “I like to suck dick if it’s as cute as mine”. Cute isn’t what we would use to describe his thick cock. In addition to sucking Calhoun likes to rim and kiss another guy and get sucked off. And yet site owner Bryan says  “His sexuality is likely hard to pin down.” He thinks he’s mostly straight, but open to sex with another guy …if it happens because he doesn’t seek it out.

The enigma of Calhoun is that because he’s gotten “so-so oral” when he has a big cock similar to his own “he is eager to show how to properly suck a big cock. He can even deep throat!” In his solo he gives what Bryan says is a “great dirty-boy vibe, and he certainly is very turned-on showing-off for us.” That includes showing off his ass and getting vocal as he jerks off. Plus, “He loves to edge the head of his cock, and the dude was holding back from cumming most of this video.Calhoun is definitely down for oral, and says he might fuck a dude, so we will have to see where he goes from here.” Let’s hope!

Wiley at Chaos MenLast week’s newcomer was 19 but because of his scruff appeared older. Looking back he seemed more like a twink version of Calhoun. Excwept that Wiley is a happy and enthusiastic bottom who “gets turned-on the most when playing with his ass. He plays well for us, especially when it came time to grind his bootie around for us. Tops everywhere should be swooning!”

And yet Wiley had a little problem cumming until Bryan gave him “the magic butt plug to help get him over the top.It is one powerful orgasm and I love how expressive he is when he cums. I know you have seen many a solo where the guys barely make noise when they cum, so it was such a treat to see such an intense orgasm!”

Russel West at Gay Hoopla. We don’t learn anything about this strong-muscled, ripped and hung guy with a great smile…and an amazing ass. BUT it’s clear that the GH really likes him and they can’t wait to see him in action. From what little interview there was it appears Russel had quite a night at some swingers’ club. Will this highly sexual young man get into some guy-on-guy stuff?? Stay tuned…

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