In September 2017 Part 3

In our latest look at new and upcoming releases at there are more new faces and the studio continues to feature more performers and scenes from Canada. There have been a number of Canadian men who have emerged as stars this year and many of them have appeared in productions. Plus the studio brought back a couple faves…one of whom appears this month.  

One of these Canadian-based series The Guys Next Door directed by Iza L.  started off the month at .The premise is that Zack Hunter is the new tenant in an apartment complex full of hot guys…and he’s peeping on all of them. In part 1 he saw muscle man William See and Kit Cohen getting it on through their window..and almost got caught.

In the just released part 2 Alexy Tyler (one of our faves)knocks on the door of Zack Hunter looking for sexy Dean Stuart in his studio debut. It turns out that Dean is Zack’s next door neighbor so he sends Alexy in that direction. Alexy visits Dean for some afternoon delight and they start in. Lo and behold Zack is up to his old peeping Tom ways and watches them through a patio door. Again he’s almost caught but scurries away before he’s recognized. And Alexy and Dean go back at it in the more private bedroom. Hot match-up yet again.

Coming up in part 3 Zack Hunter happens to be in the right place at the right time when he sees Samuel Stone with a girlfriend and minutes later he’s meeting up with Ryan Bones for a secret tryst. Zack spies on them and it seems clear he plans on using that info in part 4. Is a orgy afoot? Stay tuned…

In the upcoming one-shot “Alarm Cock” from director Marc MacNamara Tobias has a loud and annoying alarm clock…and sleeps right through it. His roommate Vadim Black does not however and complains, telling Tobias that the next time it wakes him op he’s going to wake of Tobias with his dick in his face. That’s what Tobias wants so he lets it run, Vadim shoves his dick in his face and Tobias sucks him. Enter Todd, Tobias’ boyfriend who is invited to join in on a morning three-way. By the way Todd is new to but not to porn. This NYer has showed up for one of two scenes at various sites under various names. We’ll see if this holds true here.

Lastly Tobias is also in the the third episode of Desperate Househusband: A Gay XXX Parody with Cliff Jensen in the title role of a sexually frustrated man who turns to guys in his neighborhood when he wife neglects him.  Tobias waits for the wifeto leave and sneakd in the bedroom window, Angry at first Cliff fucks Tobias. However as the site describes the scene, ” the maid catches him in full action! His wife definitely won’t be happy about this.” Stay tuned…

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