Cocky Boys: Levi & Danny

Levi Karter and Danny Montero each exude such upbeat charm and warmth that as a result their respective scenes have a distinct tone of joyous fun. You’ll find it this week at Cocky Boys in their scene together but there’s more to their scene than that. It’s a night time scene in which the guys seem to be a bit more open to exploring something different, arguably more furtive.

Actually the scene starts off with a lively introduction shot partly at the Cocky Boys 10th Anniversary Pool Party from which the Campy CockyBoys series sprung. Here, we get a very cute and funny appearance by Liam Riley. We also find out that Levi and Danny had met before and there was a definite attraction so there’s a pent-up element to this scene. It’s set AFTER the pool party when most everyone has gone and Levi has invited Danny back to his cottage.


Levi gets to show off his interesting red (?) lighting scheme that bathes the room and gives it a kind of sin city nightclub/strip club feel. And there’s something else: a stripper pole that Levi’s fans bought for him! It’s not decor either, Levi puts on a very sexy, acrobatic routine using the pole. It’s a turn-on to watch and even if you don’t agree Danny Montero does! He and Levi sit on the bed after that kissing passionately and as we find out this is one of Danny’s favorite things to do. You can sure tell.

Eventually Danny takes the initiative and pulls Levi’s cock out of his speedos to suck him off. Levi doesn’t reciprocate by doing it exactly like Danny. They stand up and Levi enjoys Danny’s sleek, muscled body, they make out some more and THEN he sucks his cock. He also asserts himself by turning Danny over to rim him on all fours. Levi Karter has been a top before but there’s something here that suggests more determination as he starts fucking Danny from behind. Maybe Danny Montero feels it too because he asks Levi to fuck him while he holds on to the stripper pole. It seems a little kinky which is part of the fun too.

The dynamic of Levi Karter as power top continues through the end of the scene as he fucks Danny Montero on his back. But true to both guys this never feels at all brutish, hard or edgy. There’s intensity but it’s not forced just as their respective vocal responses seem very natural. As they look directly into each other’s eyes you feel their connection and most definitely their chemistry. Levi fucks load out of big load out of Danny bd soon after Levi pops out a big one too..with even more intensity. This is the only time the lighting obscures what we would have liked to see in more natural light. It’s okay though because the guys are just as satisfied.

At the end the guys kiss and the scene fades out but in our mind’s eye we imagine these two sleeping together and waking up several times to have more sex. Maybe it’s just the romantic feel we get from these two. We wouldn’t mind an encore.



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