Bel Ami’s Summer Break 15

This week Bel Ami has the next-to-last episode of its blockbuster Summer Break which wraps up on September 16. This week’s episode (which finally features the correct numbering) is a VERY hot match-up (with a brand new model) that studio considers of the series’ best and plus it’s accompanied by a new Rick Day Art Collection with another hot duo. AND, the studio has another mid-week release that’s a break from the norm: a two-part scene! 

FLIP-FLOP SPECIAL: With Vadim Farrell & Joel Brian Jovovich. “Every routine needs a bit of a shake up now and then, so we are shaking up our normal Tuesday programming this week and giving you instead, a Tuesday+Thursday 2 part special. This is certainly not a twink scene as we have 2 of our more statuesque guys together in the flipflop pairing.

“On Tuesday we have Brian Jovovich bottoming for Vadim Farrell, and on Thursday the guys swap positions and we get another of our seemingly rare, Vadim bottoming scenes.”

Once again Bel Ami gave us the basics in describing this scene but it doesn’t quite do it justice. Not only do these two just flip-fuck they engage in a variety of sexual positions and look good doing it…they both are in tip-top shape. Not that they haven’t always been two of the best built among the vast Bel Ami roster but there’s a maturity level they exude…body-wise. Vadim and Joel still look very fresh-faced. And those dark long-lashed eyes of Vadim are as riveting as ever.



SUMMER BREAK 15: With Hoyt Kogan and Nils Tatum.”It took a lot to decide which of Nils’ scenes we would bring you today as his premiere on BelAmiOnline. In the end, we opted for this one where he is bottoming for Hoyt Kogan. This was the first production that Nils was on and we knew it would be quite an ask for him joining in on a major shoot right at the start of his time with BelAmi, but we think he did rather well for a newcomer.

“You have seen him in backstage footage here also with Jamie, but you will have to wait a little while for that scene. By now I think that most of you will be just as familiar with Castello KinkyAngelo as we are and after a bit of watersports in the introduction, we retire to our much-loved barn for the main action.”

Frankly we’re surprised that Bel Ami didn’t heap lots more glowing praise for Nils Tatum. For a first-time shoot he performs with the maturity of a season pro…an looks it too.  Plus he and Hot Kogan have very distinct chemistry,.And he looks it too. No lie, he looks like he almost has the same muscular frame as Kris Evans. He’s cute too…not as “model-handsome” as his co-star Hoyt, but few are.  Nils simply has star potential and we hope Bel Ami realizes that.


ART COLLECTION: with Christian Lundgren and Ian Roebuck, “This is it for our Rick Day ‘Summer Break’ photosessions and we have our blond hero Christian Lundgren together with Ian Roebuck (The combination surprised us a little too, but despite the fact that they are both blonds, there is a nice contrast between the 2 boys, Christian’s tall, smooth and tanned physique and Ian’s also lean, but paler and slightly haired body). Even though this marks the end of the photo shoots, there is still 1 more week of general Summer Break programming to come your way.”

It took us a while to warm up to Christian but Rick Day’s photography certainly helps THAT. And Ian? YUM! We couldn’t decide which of the pro pics to post…so we posted almost all of them. Enjoy!

Coming up:  the Summer Break finale!

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