Sean Cody: Sean’s Last Appearance?

This weekend Sean Cody teamed up the phonetically similar models Sean & Shaw for what is very likely Sean’s last filmed scene for the studio. If so, and all evidence leads to this, Sean goes out with a bang topping Shaw in full, relentless fashion. Shaw not only takes it like a champ but he also steps it up a bit. Maybe they both knew this was going to be Sean’s last filmed scene so they both made sure he went out on top…so to speak?

Apparently there was some buzz last month that Sean had retired from Sean Cody which he semi-confirmed via Twitter, However Gay Daily Hot confirmed with Sean that indeed this was his last filmed scene. He’s concentrating on his fitness. modeling and other opportunities that may come his way. Actually we expected to happen a long time ago when Sean appeared in an episode of MTV’s True Life “I’m a Gay For Pay Porn Star” back in December of 2015. With the “is he straight or gay?” bubble burst and his real name revealed we’re surprised he lasted for almost two more years at SC. But he sure did.

The scene is like many of the “newer” videos which are shot and/or edited with little or no vocal input from the director and camera crew. It starts with Sean and Shaw chatting on the way to the studio and Shaw demonstrably more vivacious and eager. This is just the start of what we mean by Shaw stepping it up. He acts like he WANTS to be filming with Sean Cody. This has been one of his strongest assets since the beginning. In the bedroom he appears to be the one initiating the passionate kissing and he goes down on Sean’s growing cock without hesitation. Note: Shaw hasn’t been this much of a cocksucker so kudos to him for making the effort.

Sean returns to being a power top after bottoming and flipping more often than not recently. He fucks Shaw standing up, Shaw rides his cock in bed, they switch to doggy style and then Sean finishes him on his back. Through it all Sean is not holding back and he aggressively moves Shaw from position to position non-stop. No camera dissolves or hard edits.  Shaw is quite demonstrative in his vocal responses too. What works here in all this fucking is he genuinely seems surprised and turned on by getting manhandled.

Shaw isn’t hard in every position BUT he’s hard at the end when it counts as Sean fucks him on his back until he cums. And after this seemingly intense fucking Shaw delivers a long-lasting gum geyser. It’s too bad that Sean doesn’t respond vocally to this dramatic turn. If this had been Brysen fucking Shaw (which we hope happens soon) this might have been much different. Still Sean has an intense cumshot too and gives Shaw some passionate kissing too.

As if to show Sean’s evolution from his first scene to his last round two starts off with Sean sucking Sean in the shower. There’s not enough body play as we would like to see with Shaw, But then again there’s never enough muscle worship in a Sean Cody scene when a exceptionally well-built guy in involved. The camera man does give us plenty of shots showing off Shaw’s bod though. Sean rims and then fucks Shaw in the shower until   he cums. Sean cums too, seemingly more satisfied with the experience.

At the end there’s more kissing and this time Sean seems more affectionate toward Shaw …and definitely happier. The behind-the-scenes epilogue provides a little back-up to this theory and it gives us the impression that these guys got along and maybe even liked each other more than just for effect. And so it appears this ends the saga of the only model with the porn first name of the site.

Lastly, Sean’s final ranking puts him at #9 although that’s likely to change with a few guys including Dean and Lane close to overtaking him on the list.  bcause he’s bunched up in the first tier Jess’ position didn’t change much BUT only he, Joey and Randy seem to be the only active models in ths tier.  Shaw also moves up, one video away from the 20+ club. Stay tuned…

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (38)
4. Blake  (36)
4. Randy (36)
6. Brodie (35)
7. Jess (34)
8. Joey (33)
9. Jarek (29)
9. Sean (29)
11. Dean (28)
12. Porter (27)
12. Lane (27)
14. Jamie (26)
14. Daniel (26)
14. Landon (26)
17. Jayden (24)
17. Calvin (24)
19. Dennis (23)
20. Jordan (22)
21. David (21)
21. Pavel (21)
21. Harley (21)
21. Jack (21)
25. Manny (20)
25. Pete (20)
25. Jake (20)
25. Liev (20)
29. Kurt (19)
29. Shaw (19)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)

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