Who’s Who: The Summer 2017 Edition

There’s nothing new about models moving on from the websites where they got their start and/or became popular. As we’ve shown many times over the years models from Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher have changed their names, moved on to other sites, and/or become major stars. Lately though it seems like there are quite a few more than usual from the two aforementioned sites. So, we’ve gathered all these guys onto one list. If you’re a fan of the guys’ previous work you’ll know how to find their new stuff. And if these guys are new to you, here’s where you’ll find their older stuff.

SEAN CODY . Here are those guys from the popular site who have moved on recently or in one case moved on some time ago annd has been even busier since he turned “pro”.

Clark Campbell. Formerly Southern charmer Forrest at Sean Cody he appeared in 15 scenes from 2014-2016. You’ll soon be seeing his new scenes at Next Door StudiosThanks in part to a very fuckable ass Forrest was a popular bottom at SC. At Next Door he’s a top. Will that change? stay tuned…

Ollie. The most frequent site hopper of the group this young man started off as Ollie at Sean Cody appesaring in 14 scenes in 2014 and 2015. Early this year he emerged as Antonio at Military Classified for two scenes, then appeared as Rix at Active Duty for two scenes. Recently he appeared at Gay Room as Ollie again. He may do a few more scenes here then…?

Brandon Cody. By now it’s old news that Brandon signed with MEN.com (owned by the same parent company as SC) and has appeared in a stand-alone scene with Johnny Rapid and in the Marc MacNamara series Fire Island Fuckfest. His legacy for the foreseeable future will be stamped at Sean Cody where he appeared in 38 scenes and is still the most popular model and 3rd most prolific.

Jeremy Spreadums. From 2011 to 2013 he appeared in sporadically as Jessie before making one final appearance in 2015. Since then he took on his  “memorable” current name and has appeared at a variety of sites and numerous productions and genres. He was certainly well liked at Sean Cody and the impression we get is that it’as true elsewhere. Because of his many appearances he may yet get a “filmography” post of his own.

Jake Porter. From 2014 to spring of 2017 he was a fixture at Sean Cody in 27 scenes and one of the few models to enjoy a career in modeling outside the studio (for Anbdrew Christian). It was a surprise when he left SC and appeared in scenes at MEN.com and it’s unclear if there’s more.

CORBIN FISHER . This year we believe we’ve seen more of this site’s models appear elsewhere than in previous years. It’s not that CF is losing models but we’ve seen more guys who ended their respective runs and gone on elsewhere.

Dante Martin. This isn’t news to long time watchers but we want to start off with this prolific Next Door Studios star to point out how infrequently CF performers went on to do more porn after leaving. Dante was a notable exception. As Carson he appeared in 8 scenes in 2011 & 2012 (with an archived CVS [Corbin Fisher Select] scene released two years ago). He seems pretty ensconced at Next Door Studios appearing in 38 scenes so far. Appearing two years straight from 2013-2014, he returned a year later in 2015 and has kept going since.

Chad Piper. From the summer of 2016 through summer 2017 he appeared at CF in 11 scenes as Steven and recently started doing scenes as Chad Piper for Next Door Studios. From here it’s not so clear if this bisexual twink will do more. Stay tuned…

Nicholas Duff.  This was a surprise to see Nicholas from Corbin Fisher start appearing at Chaos Men. At CF he appeared in 9 scenes over the course of a year starting in 2016. At CM he’s appeared in three scenes so far including (as of this post) his newest scene with Zane. Ironically Zane just returned to CM after several years away (2009 to be exact…long, controversial story) Before that he was at…where else?…Corbin Fisher as Todd.

Tobias. It’s been some time since he left Corbin Fisher but we’re bringing up Tobias because of his unique circumstances.  It’s unusual for a model to keep his porn name when leaving a site, let alone when it’s just a first name. But Tobias did just that. At CF he was only there for five months starting in the fall of 2015, but was a popular guy and appeared in 12 scenes.  Since the summer of 2016 he’s appeared at MEN.com and the companion sites. He’s been in 20 scenes at MEN.com, 10 scenes at Bromo, and 5 scenes at Reality Dudes.

Dante Colle. As Ryder he had a long career at Corbin Fisher starting in the summer of 2013 at age 20. You might not even recognize him as the same guy since he had no facial hair or tattoo. In fact he said recently that without his beard he would still look like a twink. He appeared in 4 scenes in 2013 and came back in early 2015 with his signature chest tattoo for a BIG scene: the return of Dawson. He appeared in 14 scenes through 2015, returned in the summer of 2016 for 10 more scenes which has trickled out through this year.

Dante Colle has been featured at Guys In SweatpantsMEN.com, Bromo and Mormon Boyz where he’s played Brother Calhoun in the ongoing fictional saga. BUT being a Mormon elder he’s had to keep his shirt on..his tattoo would break the illusion. There’s undoubtedly more to come. You cab see why he was popular at CF and why he’s just as popular now. He has the indefinable “it”.

Clark Parker. Dante’s friend the super-hero handsome and well built young man was Sebastian in 14 scenes at Corbin Fisher from the spring of 2016. We believe all of his scenes have been released. He stopped filming for few months and then made a return in several scenes at Guys In Sweatpants . In one of these he was reunited with and bottomed for Dante Colle (he topped in their two CF scenes). We don’t know what’s up with his future plans but he surely has a growing group of fans.


Casey Jacks. When he debuted at CF as hot bearded stud Owen this spring there was every indication he’d be around longer. But come summer he was under his new name at Next Door Studios, still with a beard. Since then he’s appeared clean-shaven in the two most recent Falcon Studios movies Intimate and Looking For The Big One. And a couple days ago showed up in MEN.com‘s Desperate Househusband opposite Cliff Jensen. More to come? We think so!

Calvin Chambers. He was Colt at Corbin Fisher and is about to make his return to porn at Next Door Studios under this new name in a multi-part scene with Paul Canon. The muscular stud was 19 when he started at CF in early 2014 and quickly became a favorite with the site and fans. Eventually he was named a “Dean’s List Honoree”, aka the site’s hall of fame, and for good reason. Hot body, hot cock, handsome face and someone who did it all at CF. He filmed 48 scenes almost all the way through 2015 although five of his CFS scenes have been released since through 2017. In his upcoming scene Calvin/Colt has to use his acting muscles. Is this the start of something big for this Corbin Fisher star?




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