Chi Chi LaRue Directs Finding Father..For Icon Male

 Mile High Media has released Finding Father, the new Icon Male feature written and directed by Chi Chi LaRue! This is the first movie that the award-winning director has directed for the studio and from the press release it sounds like there are might be more to come. The movie is out on DVD this week and in a few weeks the scenes will begin to be released on the Icon Male membership site.  

Finding Father is described as “the tale of a young man’s wild road trip, as he discovers his true desires. ” It stars newcomer Danny Gunn and “the ultimate father figure” Kristofer Weston.. in HIS Icon Male. Also featured are Michael Delray and Dane Stewart, Kyler Ash, Timothy Drake, Alex Chandler and Addison Blue.

Chi Chi LaRue comments, “I’m so excited about my first release from Icon Male. Watching the great movies that Icon Male produces and the taboo themes is right up my alley, and I hope to create more sexy adventures for them.”

Chi Chi adds, “Having newcomer Danny Gunn and seasoned vet Kristofer Weston made this project that much more special. I found Danny on Twitter and when he agreed to do this, I was very excited. This is his first feature and I see great things for this sexy young man. Kristofer has been behind the camera for a while and recently just started doing scenes, so I’m lucky to have him. The rest of the cast headed by superstars Michael DelRay and Dane Stewart make this the perfect movie.”

The “taboo” and inter-generational themes and plots found at Icon Male over the past few years have proven to be influential and popular  as they have been found at other sites and studios. And as Chi Chi notes this isn’t new ground for him so this possible stint at this studio can easily be deemed a good fit. Besides this is good timing for Chi Chi LaRue who’s enjoying an extended renaissance/comeback with a variety of projects.

The press release continues with a brief description of the movie: “‘Finding Father’ presents newcomer Danny Gunn, as he looks for his stepfather. It’s been five years; he needs to get something off his chest. Danny and his best friend, Michael DelRay, head out on a road trip adventure to find Kristofer Weston, Danny’s stepdad. Along the way they encounter 2 horny stepbrothers, a loud and nasty hotel hook up and a big burly security guard! When they finally reach his stepdad’s house the sparks really fly and Danny realizes that Finding Father was all worth it!”

Mile High Media’s Vice President Jon Blitt says, “We are so pleased to welcome Chi Chi LaRue to the Icon Male family. Having him write and direct for us and add his own twist on our taboo content is exciting. We know fans will love his debut release, Finding Father.”

We’ll have more on the movie as scenes find their way to the  Icon Male site.

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