In September 2017 Part 4

During the second half of September at there are two new series, several more continuing from the first part of the month, six stand-alone scenes, four newcomers to the site, some returning faves, and a few surprises. Through it all there are some match-ups with real “can’t miss” potential.

Marc MacNamara’s Boys Trip, in which friends Diego Sans and Max Wilde have a summer getaway at a clothing-optional, sex-filled bed & breakfast in Miami, concludes(?) with one more hook-up for Diego: Jake Porter  In the scene Diego doesn’t have to do much of anything to get lucky–except lie by the pol with his hot body glistening in the sun. Jake makes the first move and soon Diego is fucking him in the room. Randy Blue meets Sean Cody!

The anthology Straight Secrets also continues with two new tales. In episode 2 Jacob Peterson is baking a cake and his buddy Jaxton Wheeler dips his fingers into the batter for a taste. Of course Jacob is disgusted and food fight ensues. How they wind up in bed together is a story not found on the trailer but once again Jacob is on the bottom and Jaxton on top. But who has the  “secret”here?

In the third Straight Secrets horny Jack Hunter comes on to hairy and sexy-swarthy bearded nap buddy Ali Liam in his debut. At first taken aback by his advances Ali comes around when Jack tells him how hot he is. And so Ali explores sex with Jack including sucking his big cock and fucking him. And we assume that this little get together is just between them.

Beginning next week is The Boy Is Mine with sexy beefcake Nicolas Brooks making his debut in the title role. He’s the “boy” but as to who lays claim to him is in question. In part 1 Diego Reyes goes to see Nicolas but is turned away at he door.  Peeping through a key hole Diego learns why: Dato Foland is inside sucking and fucking Nicolas. Diego keeps watching the torrid scene and scurries away before he’s caught.

In part 2 Dato Foland leaves the apartment and Diego Reyes comes calling to get HIS fuck. You’d think that Nicolas Brooks might be too exhausted to take on another sex partner so soon. But this is gay porn where guys have all-day stamina and can get fucked for hours and still take more. Muscular Diego really gives it to the newcomer who surely has a lot going for him from head to toe.

The first of the handful of stand-alone scenes features “Not A Bitch Boy”Ethan Slade, whose body is more muscled and ripped these days, and Damien Kyle playing his cocky roommate. Ethan overhears Damien on the phone bragging how he’s going to make him his bottom bitch, but Ethan quickly disabuses of that notion. He pulls out a dildo and makes Damien suck it, then take it up the ass before Ethan fucks him and shows him the actual bottom bitch.

In the third part of Fucked Up Fuckers the messed up relationship of Paddy O’Brian and Josh Moore takes another destructive turn. After Josh had pictured Jean Franko in his mind while having sex with Paddy, Paddy got back at him by actually having sex with Jean. So in this episode Josh returns the favor and goes to Jean to complete the triangle with flip-fuck sex.

There’s an unexpected twist and some very hot sex in the finale of The Guys Next Door. Zack Hunter has been as real perv, spying on his neighbors having sex after moving into his new building. In part 4 he texts the three neighbors (Dean Stuart, Samuel Stone & William Seed) and invites them to his apartment. But he’s not there, leaving a note about running late so while they wait they get frisky with one another and have a three-way. The twist? Zack is indulging in his voyeurism watching them on a hidden camera and jacking off to their sex party.

As we mentioned there are six stand-alone scenes during this period, most of them during the last week of September interspersed with some of the mini-series episodes. Marc MacNamara’s Gods Of Men scene “Ravish” presents the VERY hot match-up of Diego Sans and Justin Matthews engaging in some passionate sex in a lush, naturally lit living room that captures all the contours of the duo’s muscular bodies.

“First Date Fuck” is considerably less romantic and Johnny Rapid in one of his rare topping roles. He’s on a lousy date with a woman who can’t stop talking on her phone. Fortunately they happen to be at an unusual bar where the sexy bartender Jake Ashford isn’t wearing pants. So while Johnny’s date is distracted and goes to the ladies room he and Hake get it on behind the bar…and he fucks him in the closed quarters.

As we’ve seen so many times before Marc MacNamara is the master of the stand-alone scenes with a really good and often fun set-up., This is the case in “Oh, Hey”.  In his debut handsome, hairy, tattooed and BIG bearded Stephen Harte is in NYC on business, staying in a hotel where the room next door is playing music so loud he can’t get sleep for his presentation the next day. He complains to the neighbor Max Wilde who comes to the door with an open robe and before long Stephen has stopped worrying about work as he fucks with his hot hotel neighbor.

Before the last two stand-alone scenes there’s the first episode of a new series Retreat Yo’Self where Griffin Barrows checks in at a peaceful retreat ..or so he thinks. While practicing yoga fellow guest Noah Jones offers Griffin some help stretching and gets a little handsy. After Noah explains this is a different kind of retreat they go back to one of the rooms where Noah fucks the very vocal Griffin.

In “Dick Gym” Jordan Boss brazenly works out without shorts, his cock and balls bouncing around as he cozies up to Paul Canon. Finally in the locker room Jordan comes right out and tells Paul the reason for all this was he just wants him to suck his dick. {Paul is “all you had to do was ask” and soon they’re suckingh and flip-fucking in the locker room.

The last scene of the month is another Marc MacNamara Gods of Men scene that could easily be considered a sequel or a part 4 to Boys Trip.  Filmed at the same Miami location Diego Sans and Phoenix Fellington (looking stunning in his first appearance) are a couple who run across Max Wilde. They come on to him and in no time he’s in their room for a three-way in which he gets spit-roasted by his studly co-stars.

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