Sean Cody: Jack & Lane Take On The Newcomers

The most recent releases from Sean Cody once again have plenty of highs and lows that make us wonder what’s going on with one of our longtime favorite sites. Things could be improving but because scenes are released in a seemingly random non-chronological order, we just can’t be sure where the trend line is going. We have a vague idea thanks to the multiple shooting location houses but sometimes, like last week, our possible theories aren’t quite valid.

The latest from Sean Cody has power bottom Lane as the first scene partner for new guy Dougie and muscle man power top Jack giving Ace his first fucking. The first scene works better than the second thanks to some unfortunate casting. Both scenes were filmed at the house with the luxurious pool and the mirrored bedroom which has proved to be problematic visually. We can also add another reason for this room to be dropped. The hot camera lights possibly combined with the ventilation makes the performers perspire profusely. Some skin glistening is fine but Dougie and Jack are dripping in their scenes. In Jack’s case it gets in his eyes (in the BTS footage). So we’re dubbing this room the “Sweat Lodge”.

In the first scene Lane seems eager to be Dougie‘s first time male sex partner and Dougie seems ready. Good on him and/or the director that he kisses Lane…. albeit with a little awkwardness. Then he face fucks Lane for a bit before turning him around and fucking him on his back. Supposedly Dougie is straight and this is his first time fucking a guy. On one hand we’re not so sure about it because he’s all in from the start. On the other hand he fucks like he thinks all guys want it…hard and fast. And he doesn’t quite seen to connect to Lane. It doesn’t quite work for Lane and it take a few more position changes before the power bottom finds his groove while riding Dougie. It even takes Dougie a few tries at different positions. Before he jacks off in Lane’s face.

Round two is better because it feels like the guys have gotten used to each pother by now. Also, it seems the director (if any) and the crew are participating more. After some cocksucking Lane moves right ahead to riding cock which DID work for him in round one. Dougie then find HIS groove, fucking Lane against one of the tables against the wall. For some reason there have been a good amount of match-ups at  Sean Cody for which this position works. All is good when Lane cums while being fucked and Dougie glazes his ass. It sounds like Dougie will be back for more and if so he’s got a better idea of how to proceed.


The second scene SHOULD have been better as it features Jack, the terrific top who kisses and loves to rim and fuck, give his partners pleasure, and likes to make them cum. That Jack is present but he doesn’t have the right partner. He has Ace, the friendly muscular dude introduced in July who said he WANTED to bottom even though (red flag) his only experience with another guy was kissing and groping. Originally we questioned his lack of experience. Not now. Maybe Ace anticipated something different. Jack certainly fit the desired type Ace spoke of in his original interview. He might even have requested Jack. Whatever the case Ace was NOT ready for bottoming for Jack.

The scene starts off with kissing. Good sign. And Jack starts rimming Ace’s bubble butt. Another good sign. But there’s a little bit of overacting going on here on the part of both guys. With his broad smile and closed eyes Ace looks blissful. Too much so in contrast with his next close-up look. Again it doesn’t help that both Ace and Jack look flushed from the heat in the room. And then Jack slowly enters Ace who noticeably winces from the pain. Jack keeps fucking Ace from behind and it’s painfully obvious he’s not enjoying it. When Jack flips him on his back it doesn’t get better and Jack sure doesn’t look like he’s enjoying torturing Ace. He cums and does his best to stroke Ace to an orgasm. At the end of this we’re led to believe Ace liked it!

In round two Ace makes an attempt to suck Jack and enjoy his body and this should have been the way to go. At one point Ace gets up and rides Jack’s cock and is hard doing it. But it kooks like work. After a bit of this Jack pushes Ace back and fucks him in a variation on a missionary position. And for once this seems to work for Ace..maybe Jack finally found the spot. After more cock riding a flushed Jack fucks Ace in the mirror and doggy style over the bed and Ace actually cums! Gay Daily Hot suggests that the reason for this is that Jack isn’t inside Ace. Soon after Jack cums over Ace’s chest and the two collapse together. We’re supposed to believe again Ace liked it and it won’t be his last time having sex with a guy. Hmmm. If he tries it again (here or in real life) with any eagerness we’ll be surprised. We will say this. Ace may indeed be coming out. He does show genuine interest in the scene and in the behind-the-scenes epilogue.

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