New Faces For September 2017 Part 2

It’s virtually impossible not to notice that the newcomers spotlighted this week look like they all came out of the same fictional casting agency! That said, there are some surprises among the group, some of which may be key in their potential future scenes Most of these guys debuted this week but were also featuring a couple more: one we overlooked before, the other who was introduced after our last newcomer post. 

Lachlan at Sean Cody. The site continues with their new method of debuting guys by letting them introduce themselves to the audience. We don’t know if this method is permanent or if it’s popular with fans. We shall see. This week’s guy is Lachlan, a 29 year old bisexual from the East Coast, actually could have used some friendly banter with the cameraman to not sound so unemotional. He’s a so-called adrenaline junkie into lots of outdoor activities…anything impulsive.  He’s also into nature and had dreams of living in the woods off the land. As a result he’s learned to hunt and fish, build a shelter, learn what plants are edible, etc. As he says , he’s the guy with whom you would want to be stranded in the woods. Plus he like sex..

Lachlan says he has come to terms with his bisexuality, having sex with a guy for he first time at 25. He’s into bubble butts and gets off on guys’ cocks bouncing on his and as they ride him. And he really likes submissive types. So if he comes back he wants to fuck some guys. He also likes getting rimmed and his fantasy is being turned submissive from his usual dominant role. As for his performance in his debut he puts on a good show, jacking off in a variety of positions and cumming three times with some pretty thick loads . Sop if we see him back will he be the dom top or will he explore his submission fantasy? Stay tuned…

Kyler at Corbin Fisher. This sexy 19 year old definitely looks like the textbook CF model. You could insert a pic of Kyler into a CF roster from over 7 years ago and we bet you couldn’t pick him out from the rest of the group. That’s a good thing. CF’s collegiate “type” has been the reason for the “yearbook” site layout. As he’s interviewed in the pool  Kyler mentions he swam and wrestled in school (and there’s an allusion to him doing a different type of wrestling at CF later).

Kyler is pretty low-key, but has sexy smirk when asked about jerking off for the camera. Kyler’s low key personality translates into a calm jerk-off show too…which is fine. There’s not a feeling he’s trying to hard to put on a show. But he doesn’t concentrate on making sure he gets off. He has a nice size cock and big low hanging balls and they deliver a good-size load too. What’s next? Kyler doesn’t have any sex stories so right now we have no indication of his sexuality.

Jayme at Chaos Men.  Don’t be deceived by the standard pics. Jayme is a one-of-a-kind model. He’s 18, has an older, deep manly voice. AnD he’s 6’8″ tall! Site owner Bryan says he “thinks” Jayme is the tallest Chaos Men model, but we’re surprised that’s in doubt! Jayme may be the tallest guy we’ve seen in porn.  There’s bad news/good news about him though. He’s straight and has a girlfriend who eventually decided he could do porn as long as no other girls were involved. Sounds reasonable!

Jayme’s experience with guys was a one-time thing with a bi friend which Bryan surmises was oral and some brief fucking. Just as his girlfriend had easy to follow stipulation so does Jayme. “He said he’d be down with playing with guys, as long as they were not taller than him. A little nervous he takes a little time getting to 7 inches. AND, “Once up, he is more confident and likes to watch himself on the cameras. …Jayme has been with his girl awhile and rarely finds time to sit and watch porn, so it was great having a guy on set who hasn’t binged on free porn to the point that he no longer finds anything stimulating.” More to come?

Alex Dalton at Dominic Ford . This blond twink type is a newly signed exclusive model, described as a “gorgeous twink” with “an amazing ass and huge cock. He loves bottoming, and he also tops.”  For his debut solo he jerks off but in a “helping hands” development Alex “has Dominic jerk him off until he shoots a huge load. ” Stay tuned for more at

Cameron Dalile at Next Door Studios. Introduced last week , the handsome well-built 28 year old with webcam experience made his debut with Dante Martin. This VERY likable guy is from Amish country in Pennsylvania, does volunteer work …and he messes around with friends. He also enjoys outdoor water sports. He’s very candid talking with Dante about being into guys and being submissive. He goes with the flow in terms of what his partner does but he’s also into some kinky rough stuff  like getting deep-throated and made to gag.

Dante gets Cameron to show off his muscles and gets him relaxed by being playful with him. Soon they’re kissing sucking cock and having sex. Dante also tests Cameron’s kinky, submissive side by sternly ordering him about. And that gets Cameron going as he’s fucked. Dante talks dirty to him and finishes him off in a pile-driver position abd then he shoots a huge loads in Cameron’s face. Still in his nearly upside-down position Cameron cums as Dante commands and gives himself a facial. It’s a spectacular debut and we’ll be seeing more of Cameron Dalile for sure.

Johnny Miles at Active Duty. This 18 year old stud will be introduced later this week so we’re spotlighting him advance.  The guys from this site pop up at Next Door Studios and we wouldn’t be surprised if this smooth, non-tattooed type does too. He’s got a hot body and a nice sized and picture perfect cock and basically lies down takes care of business with little flourish. If he does more, especially for Next Door he’ll have to open up a bit more. Stay tuned…

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