New Faces For September 2016…Revisited

Looking back at the newcomers from a year ago it turns out that September 2016 was a month of hunks! But just a few turned to last longer than expected while quite a few prospects barely made a ripple in big pond. As we’ve said time and again, predicting the fates and possible careers of the newcomers introduced every week is almost futile. But it’s still interesting to see who makes it and who doesn’t.

Nixon at Sean CodyHandsome, tan, muscular body, competitive bodybuilder in classic physique contests Nixon was one we really didn’t expect to see first. In his debut he said he hadn’t any experiences with guys but had though about it and was open to it. When he said he’d be back “most definitely” that was a surprise, That he appeared in 10 more scenes through July of this year was an even bigger surprise. Nixon is likable and popular as a result, although opinions on his scenes have varied.  We’re also unsure if more scenes with Nixon are coming. Stay tuned…

Brysen at Sean Cody.  Easily the standout newcomer of September and one of the site’s best from the past year. We liked Brysen from the start physically, personality-wise and as a performer and so did SC, describing him as a “keeper”. We were hoping he’d be back and he certainly was. Definitely a go-getter as a performer, uninhibited and always seemed just so happy to be in a scene and making it work.

Sean Cody knew they had a star with Brysen. He was the first to be in a three-way with real-life couple Deacon & Asher and he almost stole the show in the Puerto Rico series. In his most recent scene with Barron he revealed they were dating and it’s possible they met AT Sean Cody. We hope this doesn’t mean Brysen is retiring from SC. They need him.

Tyler Smith at Gay Hoopla.  This site has too few openly gay models like this friendly, well-sculpted stud. He’s appeared in six scenes for the site and though the most recent we can’t be sure if Tyler is still filming with them. GH certainly liked him when he was introduced and they paired him with some of the best. Up until his stint at Gay Hoopla he says he never “successfully bottomed. ” He can now take that off his checklist. Either here or elsewhere we hope we haven’t seen the last of Tyler Smith.


Liam at Corbin Fisher  Soft-spoken, tall & muscular he was also a fairly laid back performer. He only did a solo and a straight scene for the studio and that was it. So we didn’t think we’d see more of him.  Then this August he showed up at Sean Cody as Derick.  Pretty much the same personality and calm jack-off style. The difference is that there aren’t any straight scenes at SC for him to appear in. And if he didn’t appear in a gay or bi scene at CF we highly doubt he’ll be back at SC.


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