Cocky Boys: Calvin Banks & Jack Hunter!

This week Cocky Boys has another hot match-up with two of our current faves: Calvin Banks and Jack Hunter ! They really fit together nicely …which we always like to see in a scene.  And as we learn there’s a partial reason for it. In the introduction the guys talk about what they like about the other one..a detail often found in a Cocky Boys intro. But we also learn they had met before and according to Jack, didn’t do anything about it. When they arrived for this scene (filmed in Canada during some event) they met again but THIS time they did fool around. In fact Calvin says their night together was a “doozy”! So by the time they filmed their scene they pretty much knew their way around each other. And that makes for the smooth as silk scene we see today.

When the scene opens we find Calvin Banks and Jack Hunter already on the bed together, shirtless and making out. We love to see guys kissing in a scene and we[‘re very happy that these guys spend their time patiently doing just that. And then Calvin gives Jack a blowjob worthy of his big beautiful cock and balls.  Although Calvin let the cat out of the bag that he and Jack already had sex before their scene he sucks Jack as though this was the first time. The same for Jack who makes us feel that this was the first blowjob. By the way you have to appreciate Jack who probably has had quite a few blowjobs on and off screen and almost every time in happens on camera it looks like the best one he’s ever had. He also gives as good as he gets. Here he sucks Calvin as he stands by the bed and gives him the best he has.

Here we also see the benefit of pairing up two well-endowed guys who are good at sucking cock AND enjoy giving and receiving head: an inevitable 69. No surprise, of course…it’s a very hot 69. The question is at this point who will go first in this flip-fuck scene. We soon get the answer as Calvin shifts positions slightly and asks Jack to rim him. We can imaginethat Jack did a good job here too in their off-screen hook up. Jack, who kisses and sucks cock with affectionate passion, rims and fingers Calvin as though it will be his first time getting fucked.

They go right from riming to fucking with Jack Hunter slightly turned sideways while Calvin Banks lies on his back. We don’t see guys in this position until later in a scene but really it’s an easy segue from the rimming positions they’re in. Calvin shifts again to riding Jack’s cock VERY deep and grinds his body up against Jack for a maximum visual effect. In other words it looks hot!  Calvin shows that being on the bottom can be a very active role.

Calvin switches up from power bottom to power top, fucking Jack doggy style and giving it to him hard and deep. Calvin is quite relentless in plowing Jack who at times look like he’s been impaled by the biggest cock on earth. Calvin sifts his position to get a little more physical leverage and in a portion of the scene we get a glimpse of Jack’s delicious low hangers. In full control Calvin fucks Jack on his back and really shows his prowess. He gives Jack FULL pleasure: bending in to kiss him, suck his cock with his own buried deep inside Jack, and jacking his jumbo cock until he makes him explode.  Good tops like to see their bottoms cum and it’s a turn on too. Right after he milks a load out of Jack Hunter an excited Calvin Banks pulls out an jerks off a load over his spent bottom.  They kiss at the end and it’s amazing that they haven’t collapsed in exhaustion. You have to appreciate the stamina of porn stars!


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