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Late last week Hot House released The Fixer, Director Nick Foxx’s ambitious, story-driven sexual thriller with a very hot all-star cast in some very unexpected roles. We reviewed the first scene when it was released at the Hot House and as promised we have a preview of the whole movie and the scenes yet to be released on the site. For the first time in a very long time Falcon Studios Group released the movie DVD and the scene downloads (all available at the studio store) in the same week at the first scene premiere. This should tell you that this is a big deal movie, which as director Foxx told us was his favorite movie to make.There ARE spoilers ahead so if you want to wait until the scenes are up at Hot House or watch the whole movie, direct your gaze elsewhere.

To recap Austin Wolf is Alex, a wealthy married man who is having a weekly hook-up at a seedy motel with hot escort Derek (Alex Mecum). They really have a good time full of passion, hot sex, and, in the first episode, a little kink when Derek has Alex use handcuffs on him while fucking him. After their hot night Alex leaves and it’s revealed that Derek has secretly recorded the steamy sex. He later sells the incriminating sex tape to a shadowy figure. As is revealed in the movie summary,. “Looking for some fast money he sells the sex tape to a dangerous man who specializes in ruining reputations for his own financial gain. But the blackmailer didn’t count on ‘The Fixer’ ”

Coming up this week in the second scene we meet Tony (Beaux Banks), the hot husband of Alex (Austin Wolf) . It’s breakfast time at the couple’s luxurious home and Tony accidentally discovers an e-mail blackmailng his husband. It includes the full video with Alex & Derek’s motel fuck and instructions on how to get the video back.  Surprisingly, Tony is very supportive telling Alex that they’re in this together AND he’s turned on by the video. He also wants to show his wayward husband that HE “can fulfill all of Alex’s fantasies.” as follows:

“…Kissing him as they begin peeling off their clothes. Tony gets on his knees and takes Alex’s giant dick in his mouth and down his throat. When Alex is at full mast, he grabs the back of Tony ‘s head and face fucks him as Tony gags and spits and jacks himself off. Alex can’t resist fingering Tony ‘s perfect little ass and gets him on the kitchen counter to lick his hole. Alex loves every second of it and buries his face as deep inside Tony ‘s ass as he can go.After one more extreme face fucking session, the couple moves to the bedroom where Alex can’t wait to slide his wet cock deep inside his husband. Alex gives in to his instincts and pounds the living hell out of Tony in almost every position they can fit on the bed. After Tony has been pounded into submission and is ready to dump his load, the two hunks lie back on the bed and jack off until their cocks ooze cum everywhere. After the bliss, Alex devises a plan to use The Fixer, who he pays to solve problems like this, take care of the blackmail situation, but Tony has other ideas about how to take care of the situation.”

As we’ve seen before Austin Wolf is a top who pretty much is in total control. But viewers will also get to see that he’s got a very dynamic scene partner in Beaux Banks. He’s the power bottom to Austin’s power top. Great body and a beautiful bubble butt that he uses to full effect. And he’s also got a thick, ever-ready cock. He’s very well cast as Tony the husband who steps it up to prove his husband doesn’t need to seek sex elsewhere.

In the third scene Tony (Beaux Banks) makes the risky move of going to the blackmailer to settle the entire matter on his own. He gets money out of the safety deposit box and goes to the drop-off location to meet the blackmailer Don (Skyy Knox) That makes nice guy stars Alex Mecum AND Skyy playing against type as a couple of bad guy types. For some reason not explained in the description Don “is out to destroy Tony’s husband, Alex, by getting him cut off from the family money.” And now with Tony in his presence, Don wants to get at Alex even more by fucking his husband…. “Tony is reluctant to cooperate at first, but realizes that this could be the only way to save Austin’s reputation. Don doesn’t only want the money, he wants Tony to deliver the full husband experience to stick it to Alex ever worse. Don fucks Beaux’s face as Tony drools and chokes on the rock-hard dick. Don is ready for some rough action and slams Tony over the hood of the car so he can eat his asshole. The stud plunges his tongue deep inside and gets Tony juiced up and ready for penetration.

“‘You’re ready for my cock,’ Don declares as he smashes his dick into Tony’s sweet hole and grabs his face and mouth to exert his dominant control. Don decides to switch it up and rolls Tony over onto his back after spitting in his mouth and shoving his tongue down his throat. Don fucks the hairy muscle stud like a machine until he pumps the cum right out of Tony’s thick curvy cock. Don wants his release too and throws Don onto the floor to jack a massive creamy load all over Tony’s hungry face. After licking up his own load, Don takes his twisted revenge to another level by holding Tony captive and sending threatening selfies to Alex, while demanding even more cash.”

Again Beaux Banks shows off his style with the equally dynamic Skyy Knox. There’s a reason why Skyy was signed as a Falcon exclusive with a relatively small body of work prior to his filming with the studio. It seems clear they liked what they saw and that the had to potential as well as the onscreen persona and versatility. Again the uninhibited performing style of Skyy & Beaux are perfectly matched.

The title character of The Fixer turns out to be Tyler Roberts, the porn star recently returned to the scene. His character Wolf  joins forces with The Associate (Arad Winwin) and Alex (Austin Wolf) to rescue Tony. Not intimidated by the demanding and threatening text messages from Don (Skyy Knox) they fearlessly go to the garage where Tony (Beaux Banks) is being held captive and ambush Don. And they plan to take care of him without hesitation…

“They rough him up to teach him a lesson before ripping off his clothes and bending him over a table. Wolf is the first to whip out his cock and slam it into Don’s asshole. Alex soon follows and face fucks the shifty stud as Wolf continues bringing up the rear. Each of the hunks wants a piece of Don, so they switch it up and Alex takes the asshole as The Fixer and The Associate take turns plugging his face with their big hard dicks. No one is left out of the action as one by one, everyone takes a turn with each of Don’s used up holes. Don even gets punished with an extra-long session of double penetration as all three guys take turns shoving their cocks into his ass in pairs. None of the guys think that Don can ever be punished enough but after all the hardcore fucking, all three are ready to paint his face white.

“The Associate blows first and hits his mark in Don’s wide-open mouth and extended tongue. The sight of all that cum dripping from Don’s face and mouth puts the other two studs over the edge as they each unleash their loads in Don’s begging mouth. Not everything is over when the cum stops flowing. Some punishments just aren’t enough, and this time around Skyy may have bitten off more than he can chew, choosing the wrong guys to fuck over.” All’s well that ends well?

If you check out the trailer for this last scene you’ll see that ALL the performers in this fourgy are at the top of their game. That said, Austin Wolf and Skyy Knoxx are meant to be the primary focus of this “payback” sex scene. No gentle giant is Austin Wolf!

Lastly, the DVD also has three bonus scenes chosen by Nick Foxx:  From the 2010 Falcon feature Snap Shot is a warehouse scene with Steven Daigle & Erik Rhodes; from Hot House’s kinky 2008 feature Verboten is a super-hot pairing of CJ Madison & Dillon Crow; and from Raging Stallion’s 2010 fighting and fucking flick Brutal there’s a rough ‘n’ tumb;e three-way with Spencer Reed, Jason Adonis and Trent Diesel.


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