New Faces For September 2017 Part 3

This week’s roster of newcomers includes a fair share of show-offs but ALL have something to show off.  Pertaining to specific models, one site comes out and tells you to turn up the volume to fully appreciate their newcomer. Another newbie is actually someone introduced at the beginning of the month who appears in TWO versions of the same original solo!

Kit at Sean Cody.  There’s something about this new guy’s looks that make us think of classic SC but once the video starts those feeling dissipate a bit. It’s partly the recent format change for new solos in which newcomers basically talk about themselves and answer questions without a cameraman actually doing the interviewing. Kit is only 20 but talks in a very mature manner. He’s bisexual but we have a feeling he’s more on the gay side of that equation these days. It all started with an encounter at a gay bar and since then he’s engaged in ass play (fucking?) and when he jacks off at home he uses toys.

Before Kit gets down to business he mentions like slow blowjobs BUT if he comes back for a scene with another guy he wants it rough. And since he’s checked out the guys at Sean Cody he’s already got a few guys in mind he’d like to take his ass. We shall see if that’s really his intention or the site’s.  In his two solo sequences Kit proves hes into ass play. In the first sequence he lies on the floor , plays with his hole and when he cums he fingers cum into it. In the second round Kit indeed uses dildo on himself including a double-header. So, things promising for this relatively beefy guy and his big legs. We’ll see if he REALLY wants a rough fuck.

Jonah at Corbin Fisher. The site recommends that viewers turn up the volume for this ripped guy with a beer can cock. Usually we recommend the opposite when guys in a scene get very vocal. Not so with this 20 year old who really is as soft-spoken as the site says. He talks about his calisthenic type working out, which he started taking up (in addition to gym going)  which he was inspired to do after seeing some guys at the beach. Hmm. He loves the beach by the way and finds his zen moments through surfing and creating music.

It turns out that the real reason Corbin Fisher wants the volume turned up is so you can hear Jonah’s cock: “…there’s no sweeter sound than hearing the thud of Jonah’s mammoth cock slapping against his tight, smooth abs.” And he really does have an eye-riveting cock, one that his partners have told him it’s much bigger than normal. He works himself up to a “moaning, gasping orgasm” and almost can’t talk after that. It could be that the blood in his brain has traveled elsewhere. They do mention Jonah will be back…but who will take the challenge?

Price at Chaos Men.  This site’s newcomer forthe week came later, hence this update.  Suffice to say Price is a definite keeper. He’s gay, a summer lifeguard who has ctually saved a few lives as opposed to just sitting atop a tower looking hot.  He says he’s mostly a bottom going for guys into their late twenties.  As site owner Bryan says, “He has a perfectly straight 8″ cock, natural pubes, and a nice ass that I would love to see get fucked.”

Price seems so naturally nice and well-spoken it’s easy to imagine him as super-popular. As for the porn part, “Price was turned-on easily for both the photos and video, and since he had done one group scene elsewhere (it was at Mormon Boyz), he was quite comfortable showing his stroking technique while on camera. I am eager to get him with another guy after doing this really hot solo!”

Wiley at Chaos Men. Wiley was already introduced but site owner Bryan commented then that there was more to the scene than the solo. So this week we get the “director’s cut” with an alternate ending. He struggled to cum and needed a helping hand. SO, “This version still has a few cuts of that missing, since I didn’t think it would work on ChaosMen. But it does have him sucking my cock, and me fucking the cum out of him.” And guess what? There’s a THIRD version. “The third version I am calling the Special Edition, and it contains the entire video. It can be found over at Bryan adds, “Sorry to do that to ya, but it was the best way to get it online. Use promo code ‘Elite’ at check-out to get a $1.00 off for being a member of ChaosMen.”

Chris Fields at Gay Hoopla. This 18 year old from the East Coast is into bodybuilding, working out almost every day. He says that he gets mistaken for older (20 to be exact!). He also watches porn EVERY day and usually jacks of before a shower. Probably more than that since he says he jacked off 8 times in a day at one time. Chris is also good at posing and flexing so if he appears in any “worship” scenes he’s surely be up to the task. Sexually speaking he’s a mystery although the camera guy doesn’t ask Chris about the porn he watches. Which very well might mean straight. We shall see if he returns…


Paul M at Active Duty. This very serious and sexy 27 year old will be introduced this week and though the trailer for his scene is devoid of info, the site has a full description: “The recruits keep falling in waiting for their chance to be a part of this great squadron. For today’s test run to see if he has the guts to become a soldier is Paul M who is a nice ripe age of 27 standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 180lbs of sexy. His smooth creamy skin and lack of tattoos makes for a great view on this fit recruit.

“His hard cock and furry balls are worthy of more than just his strong hands stroking his shaft. Paul gets his dick rock hard as he strokes every inch of it while letting some precum ooze out. The sounds of lube while he masturbates makes for a sexy stroke session as he builds up to his climax releasing his hot load all over his own dick as it drools out from the tip of his pulsating cock. Enjoy!”

More of Paul M at another site? Stay tuned

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