Next Door Studios In October 2017 Part 1

In the month ahead Next Door Studios once again has a handful of guys making their first appearances but as far as we can tell only one of them is making his porn debut. The rest are guys who have appeared elsewhere and/or have returned to porn. In fact one is returning after almost 10 years! There are also a couple of “site hoppers”, one of whom has changed his name every time he’s landed at a new site. And who knows, he might still have a few hops left in his journeys.

The month starts off with “Private Ambassador” starring two porn guys named named. Johnny Riley is a VIP guest at a swanky hotel and as such seems to have all his requests fulfilled. Here he has an hankering for the hotel ambassador played by Dalton Riley so he calls downstairs to tell the concierge Dalton will be “detained” for an hour. That gives Johnny a little time to seduce the slightly nervous Dalton by offering him help and the promise to help him succeed.

“Sleeping Bait” features newcomer John Joseph and Lucas Vick, who appeared at Randy Blue from late 2007 until early 2009. He was a cute cub-in-waiting when he appeared there and turned in a hairy muscle stud since. Here shirtless Lucas pretends to be asleep so that his buddy John will be tempted unable to resist him. The plan works and Lucas waits until John has started sucking his cock before revealing the truth of the situation. And he Lucas winds up fucking his willing buddy.

In “Roomie With A View” Damien Kyle comes home to find his roommate Zeus parading about naked in a decidedly unsubtle way of tempting Damien to get excited. It works of course and soon Zeus is fucking his hot roomie. Zeus is the site-hopping enthusiast who has gone from Holden at Sean Cody in 2015 to tattooed Abraham at Corbin Fisher in 2016 to Thomas at Boys Halfway House to Trey Foster this year at Gemini Men and now here as Zeus.

In “Payback Affair” newcomer Alex Chandler (last seen at Icon Male) goes to confront the Roman Todd, guy who’s been having ab affair with his boyfriend. Roman is apologetic apparently not knowing the unseen boyfriend was involved. But that’s okay because Alex wants Roman too and decides to get back at his cheating boyfriend with a willing Roman who fucks him. Roman Todd keeps getting sexier and hotter, doesn’t he?

In “Curious Voyeur” Chad Piper & Scotty Zee are getting it on in their home at the same time that the gardener Luis Parker is outside working. He sees the activity, peeps at them through the window, gets hard and starts jacking off. The couple sees him outside and invites him in. He joins them in an oral three-way but then sits back to watch them fuck. If it sounds familiar it’s close to “Frat Bro Hook-Up” coming this Friday in which Luis is an voyeur third party.

“Bangin’ Best Friends” features two Next Door Studios newcomers: Scott Finn from Active Duty and Gunner, making another new site appearance. He was Sheridan at Sean Cody ,Rowan at Corbin Fisher  and became Gunner Cannon at Bromo Reality Dudes . Here Scott catches his buddy Gunner jacking off to porn on his phone and Gunner shows him the video. Even though Gunner is married the guy revert to their frisky younger days and get off together. Gunner fucks Scott and promise to have another secret fuck just like the old days.

In “Beach Bros” Markie More, Pheonix Fellington and Johnny Hill spend a day of sand and surf that turns into a three-way. Markie sees a guy on the beach showing a big package and decides suggests he find out how big his buddies are. In the beach house muscular Markie sucks off his buds, gets spit-roasted and tag-teamed by them every which way. Markie More always looks good but he packed on more muscle this year and it really shows here. Pheonix is shredded too and even Johnny looks great. A hot summer scene for fall viewing.

“Homeless Breeding” features the Next Door Studios debut of Logan Cross as a cute, naive young man who walks out when his parents don’t react well to finding out he’s gay. He gets picked up by Connor Halsted who offers him a place to hang out and there one thing leads to another. Connor fucks the the runaway Logan but does he give him a new home? Stay tuned…

The last preview for the month so far is “Bros Who Fuck” with Markie More and Dante Martin as stepbrothers who take in a new roommate: Clark Campbell (formerly Forrest of Sean Cody). As Clark in shown around the stepbrothers exchange approving looks, letting us know they’ve got plans for him. Later Dante goes in to talk to Clark and when Markie checks in on them he sees they’re going at it. He joins in for a hot three way…and it becomes an inadvertent Seab Cody-Corbin Fisher alum crossiver.

Coming up: the other half of October’s releases at Next Door Studios , possibly a new trailer from the first half, and maybe a Halloween video?

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