Titan Men’s Bad Cop 2 Continues…

This week at Titan Men it’s Micah Brandt and Tex Davidson as the horny police officers getting it on in Bad Cop 2 . Yet neither one may be the actual “bad cop” thanks to a little twist from director Jasun Mark.  Before each scene in Bad Cop 2 we see surveillance tape footage with a time stamp letting us know when the scene took place. This time we find out that someone is watching the tapes (not necessarily in chronological order) and jacking off to them. It’s Dallas Steele as an officer and we know already that he’ll be in the last scene…with Dakota Rivers who was in scene 1. 

As with scene one (which featured Dallas & Jeremy Spreadums) officer Dallas gets quite a hot show in “Break Room, 2:36 PM”, It’s officer down!…on his knees that is. Micah Brandt has his pants pulls down as he sucks off fellow officer Tex Davidson. Micah may be one of the most perfect choices to suck Tex as he give it his all with wild abandon. When Tex’s cock is in a scene attention is pretty much riveted to his cock. BUT Micah is just as riveting. He strips off everything except his holster belt and his beautiful muscular body (including his incredible bubble butt) are as mouthwatering as Tex’s cock. There’s no doubt Micah can take Tex deep in his throat but be throws in quite a lively performance.

Dallas watches this hot scene with increasing interest when Micah stands and Tex goes down on HIM. The dynamic between the guys shifts along with the change in position. Micah is noticeably aggressive and sometimes cocky (so to speak) as Tex sucks him. At one point Micah gets a little frisky, playfully using his cock on Tex’s mouth. There’s also some kissing to show the affection between the two cops. Then it becomes clearer Micah Brandt is a power bottom because he goes on all fours and practically demands to be rimmed and fucked without every saying a word.

And so Tex Davidson gives Micah Brandt the the total fucking he craves. If you think that Tex is going to somehow become the controlling power top, you’re mistaken. Tex indeed fucks Micah on the bench with considerable energy and power, but Micah raises the bar. He works his ass on Tex’s cock and moans and groins with increasingly dramatic volume. The camera also captures Micah’s wide eyes and broad smile in near-manic pleasure. During all this we see that Dallas’ private sex show interrupted by Dakota Rivers and both guys start watching the free show.

Micah takes more control as Tex lies back on the bench and Micah rides his cock with more wild abandon. He bounces on top and uses his hole again to fuck himself with Tex’s cock and works up quite a sweat. Tex does fuck back, thrusting his cock in with a little more authority. This is where the dynamic shifts as the guys stand up and kiss and Tex noticeably pushes Micah back on the bench and fucks him hard. Tex is now the power top and Micah the very vocal power bottom. You may not see every inch of cock inside Micah but you feel it though he voice.

Eventually Tex fucks a thick and very noisy and pretty big-sized load load out of Micah and it goes everywhere. Tex pulls out and adds to the ropes of cum on Micah’s lower abs and crotch. Pretty exhausting to watch but hot and fun. Classic Micah Brandt. It’salso a little bittersweet knowing this is one of Tex Davidson’s last scenes before retirement. He’s sure going out on top!

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