Sean Cody: Hector & Manny!

This week’s first sex scene at Sean Cody has insatiable bottom star Manny giving it up for recent newcomer Hector, the passionate Latin lover with a sexy accent and a big thick cock. Sounds like a great match-up, right?  It is. There’s definitely chemistry between the two guys and good sex …but once again there are camera and editing issues.  It’s possible you’ll be able overlook some of these problems and enjoy the scene but it requires some effort.

The guys engage in a little sexy Spanish lesson in the beginning while in the infinity pool before Manny gets super-excited to go upstairs. In the bedroom there’s wonderful, genuinely passionate kissing followed by Manny giving Hector’s cock the slow dramatic reveal and then sucking him. Hector reciprocates in the same romantically slow, sensual style accompanied by heavy breathing and moaning. All good except that they filmed this scene too close to the window and the outdoor sunlight creates all kinds of issues. It’s not all that flattering to the physiques of the guys and it’s just distracting.

Hector works over Manny’s hole in and then fucks him from behind. For all the slow passion in the beginning Hector soon starts to fuck Manny hard. It may look a little brutish but Manny can take it and very often likes it. The guys move to the bed where Manny rides Hector but this doesn’t work out as well. It doesn’t last very long and most of it is shown with extreme anatomical close-ups. We have a feeling they’re doing this to avoid showing Manny’s face which may be showing discomfort.

They finish up in a missionary position which actually starts off looking a little awkward. But they get into a groove which results in Hector fucking the cum out of Manny. It’s a gusher and a really good shot, but there should be more of Manny’s face.  With a little jacking off Hector follows up with his own huge cumshot. And the guys sure look happy and satisfied.

Round two is much shorter starting with Hector rimming Manny and then fucking him on all fours. Fortunately the camera has pulled out more for this sequence but one of the camera guys almost misses capturing Manny’s cumshot. They don’t do much better with Hector whose cumshot is captured from underneath.

The behind the scenes epilogue features Hector and Manny after it’s all over, in a quieter, almost romantic mood . Hector clearly likes Manny physically and his passionate style. This rapport is good but we just don’t see enough of it in the main scene. Coming up is a much-teased pairing of Brysen and Blake.  Stay tumed…

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