Guys In Sweatpants: Casey, Derrick & Judas Three-Way Debut

This week Guys In Sweatpants has THREE guys making their debuts in one scene and of course that means it’s a three-way. The guys include Derrick, Judas King, AND a familiar face to regular porn viewers: Casey Jacks.  He’s still a relative newcomer but has been very busy since he debuted at Corbin Fisher as Owen. As we pointed out in a recent post his appearances at multiple site and in two Falcon Studios movies Intimate and Looking For The Big One have put him on the map. To those seeing him for the first time here you’ll certainly understand why. As Guys In Sweatpants says, “Casey is an insatiable bottom who can blow his load, and let his tops keep fucking him”

As for Derrick and Judas you’ll be impressed by them arguably in a different way. That’s because this isn’t just their Guys In Sweatpants debuts. As the site says, this marks their “first time ever fucking on camera.” The phrasing hints (possibly) they might have appeared on webcam appearances, but regardless of that possibility they’re total on-camera naturals. You’ll see this from the start in the opening intro/interview outside on a rooftop balcony where GiSP “explored all of their exhibitionist side by fooling around”. Al the guys show off their asses and Casey gets rimmed…while looking over the neighborhood from his spot on the balcony.

Eventually the guys wind up inside where the very ebullient Casey Jacks gets lots of attention from Derrick and Judas King. They kiss and fondle Casey who then gives the same to his scene partners. There’s such a natural flow to everything that happens here it all seems almost effortless. We have to assume that Austin and the guys knew which direction this would headed but the spontaneity keeps us guessing. The kissing and cock play leads to the Casey sucking Judas while Derrick rims and teases Casey. Then before you know it Casey is on his back and Derrick starts fucking him.

As Guys In Sweatpants says. “Derrick is packing a nice 9″ uncut cock that took Casey a minute  to get used to, but then he was in absolute heaven! Whether Derrick or Judas was fucking Casey, none of his holes ever went unfilled.” So true. Again, it’s the natural way the action flows that makes this scene extra special. While Derrick is fucking Casey, Judas gets sucked off by Casey. And when Judas takes over fucking Casey takes Derrick’s cock in his mouth. The positions change several times and the action gets hot, passionate and sometimes with a little manhandling.

At one point during the action Judas fucks Casey so well and as GiSP says, his “perfectly curved cock was hitting all the right spots because it made Casey cum without expecting it!”  Casey probably wanted to hold off a bit but he carries on. He lets both guys fuck him more until they both shoot their loads “all over and in his perfect bubble butt.” The hot scenes ends with some three-way kissing and they all look so happy and satisfied you could imagine then going for more …But first it’s cleanup-time and pizza!

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