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This week at Hot House director Nick Foxx‘s porn noir sex thriller The Fixer continues with another can’t miss match-up: Austin Wolf & Beaux Banks. As we mentioned last week when the first scene premiered and the whole movie was released, we’re still doing our regular weekly Hot House reviews of the new scenes as they’re posted on the membership site. So, again because this is a plot-driven movie and you don’t want to know what happens, read no further..there are spoilers ahead.

To recap, Austin Wolf is Alex, a wealthy man whose regular escort fling Derek (Alex Mecum) has secretly recorded their recent sexual encounter at a seedy motel. Escort Derek gets sells the sex tape to Don (Skyy Knox) whose plans are revealed in this week’s scene. While having breakfast at their stylish modern mansion Alex’s husband Tony (Beaux Banks) is checking their e-mail and finds the video with an anonymous blackmail message, presumably from Don, threatening to release the tape to the public in 12 hours unless he gets $250K! Naturally Alex is upset and angry and plans to get Wolf, the “fixer”, to handle it.

Tony (Beaux Banks) is remarkably calm. He doesn’t care who his hubby has a fling with and gets his need for “dirty” sex but he doesn’t get why he puts himself in risky situations like the one that has resulted in blackmail. So Tony decides to show Alex that he can provide what he needs at home. Tony/Beaux kisses  Alex (Austin Wolf) and sets in motion a very hot sex scene. There’s a sensually romantic tone at first with Beaux kissing Austin, opening his shirt, and worshiping his muscular body with his mouth. And by the way Beaux is fully tenting his sweatpants practically the moment that Austin moves behind him well before the kissing begins. Beaux moves fast, already sucking Austin before the tall muscle man gets his shirt off completely.

Beaux Banks wastes little time showing his talent for deep-throating, keeping Austin Wolf‘s cock in his mouth and throat for sustained periods. Even with many deep-throat experts you don’t often see this. As we’ve seen before Beaux also shows his intuitive skills to reach up and play with Austin’s nipples. Meanwhile Austin shows he’s no passive performer by holding the back of Beaux’s head and holding him on his cock. He also plays with his own nipples looking down intently, impressed with how skillfully Beaux sucks him off. It feels like and certainly looks like they’re really working together. And it’s important that they do, in order to convince us they’re a couple who know their way around each other’s bodies.

After Austin reaches down and plays with Beaux’ bubble butt he wants a bit more. Beaux eagerly hops on the kitchen counter and gets on all fours. One of Austin Wolfe’s specialties is rimming and priming ass for fucking and he sure has the right scene partner for this. As Austin rims, fingers, strokes his cock and generally works over his ass, Beaux writhes and moves like an exotic dancer and his moans and deep sighs accentuate the scene. You might expect this to segue right into the fucking BUT in a nice twist Beaux flips on his back and with his head hanging over the counter Austin face fucks him. Beaux’s body moves are such a turn-on and it’s helped by the fact his thick cock is hard as he’s worked over. At one point Austin bends down to passionately kiss Beaux upside down and again we’re convinced they’re a couple.

As a couple they take themselves into the bedroom, boners bouncing as they do. With his ass up in the air Beaux gets fucked by Austin and in a short mount of time they’re soon working together. After Austin deep fucks him, Beaux works his bubble butt on Austin’s cock followed by the two of them in sync. Austin holds Beau by the neck and at times their fucking gets hard-edged. As it happens Beaux’ vocal reactions get louder and louder.

There are many moments in this scene that are worthy of a pause on the video player and well as several sequences. One of them occurs when Beaux Banks rides Austin Wolf as he lies back in bed. Beaux arches his back, writhes, and generally puts on an erotic show. And once again the two guys work together with Beaux riding Austin hard, Austin thrusting up into him like a piston and then getting into sync. This sequence is brief which makes you appreciate it more. They move to a missionary position with a slight variation: Beaux legs are apart in a spread eagle. Austin fucks him like there’s no tomorrow, virtually shaking all of Beau.

They wind up jacking off side by side, kissing followed by intense cumshots. Going first Beaux Banks has a longer cumshot and then he’s right there next to Austin’s cock as he delivers one of his traditional body-quaking cumshots. Beaux helps sustain it by kissing Austin Wolf on the lower torso then working his way up to his mouth and climbing on top of him. Again you get the impression of affection between two loving spouses.

There’s a post sex cliffhanger to the scene where Austin Wolf‘s Alex goes to meet up with the Fixer Wolf (Tyler Roberts). As Alex leaves he tells Tony (Beaux Banks), as he did before, to let him handle the matter but with Tony’s “The hell you will”  response after Alex leaves you know that Tony is going to get involved. At a park later that evening (before the 12 hour deadline?) Alex meets Wolf, who berates him before taking on the job.

Next week, dangerous complications ensue when Tony indeed takes matters into his own hands.

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