Naked Sword & Blake Mason’s Guyspotting Finale

This week the Naked Sword/Blake Mason collaboration Guyspotting concludes with an orgy scene and a bit of controversy that the press release describes as a “brilliant, banging, bonanza” . It features a strong quartet of Euro-stars: Mickey Taylor, Billy Rock, Gabriel Phoenix and Matthew Anders in “a full on party as the guys get as high and fuck as hard as they possibly can! Booze, bumps and boners is what’s on the menu as we close out our incredible collaboration with Blake Mason.”

This reminds us that Blake Mason arguably is the big winner in this series directed by mr Pam. The longtime UK site has been consistently good and has featured some of the hottest guys, some of whom indeed have become stars. So getting this spotlight hopefully will get a lot more people to visit Blake Mason. And it should.

The last episode of Guyspotting “Bump And Grind” finds new lovers Mickey Taylor and Gabriel Phoenix (who met and had sex in episode 3 after inadvertent matchmaking by Mickey’s friend Jayden Gray) described as “high on love” but but there’s more to it than that. They go over to a a party at a friend’s flat where it’s “already in full swing and everyone is getting high on everything they can find.” Literally. The glamorization of drugs is the controversial part of this episode, even though this is somewhat essential to the story.

The other couple here, Billy Rock and Matthew Anders are is  the other couple  As the description continues, “Mickey is on his knees sucking all three cocks then has his cock up Billy’s ass. Matthew Anders and Billy Rock take turns fucking Mickey and Gabriel and they switch places. At one point all four guys are lying in a giant fuck pile and loads are swallowed. It’s good to be young, gay, and Guyspotting in Manchester.”

The sex in this scene IS hot, as dynamic as it gets with all kinds of positions and match-ups. It’s easy to understand why Naked Sword‘s description of the scene lacks details. There’s quite a bit that happens here that a summary would take up lots of room. The pictures here should give you an idea.



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