Cocky Boys: Porn This Way With Liam & Dean

This week Cocky Boys has a scene that’s both wonderfully fun and exceptionally hot and it truly is unique. Where else but here at Cocky Boys would you find a match-up of the always delightful, playfully sexy Liam Riley and deeply attractive, charismatic superstar Dean Monroe in a scene filmed on location in a gay museum in Berlin?  And what other studio could take this pairing and this setting, find additional potential and maker it even hotter?

“Porn This Way: Dean Monroe & Liam Riley” is apparently part of a series (to be explained later), the title of which is taken from the video’s setting: the Schwules Museum in Berlin. It’s one of the few LGBT museums totally dedicated to gay history art, culture, etc.  A few years ago the museum had an exhibition “Porn That Way” focused on the history of porn in print, art and film. If you recall Cocky Boys was part of this exhibition and they did a book signing there. This scene was shot back then, hence the appearances of Dean Monroe and Liam Riley for this scene.

In this  scene Liam runs into Dean at the museum and soon they get a little affectionate and frisky. Liam pretends to be a little shy although Dean points out the silly irony that they’re surrounded by an exhibition about sex. Nevertheless Liam is a tease, leading Dean to follow him through the museum, through halls, past doors, to another floor, and past a counter on the way to either a library or gift shop and into an area with high book shelves. By the way there are people here in the library to reinforce that this is a real setting. Also one of the people that Liam and Dean encounter plays a role later. In both his scenes this guy (the museum curator?) provides some comic relief with subtle wit.

Dean finally catches up with Liam among the big shelves and tucked away seemingly in seclusion Liam sucks off Dean to completion. It’s a hot quickie and we thought for sure it would just segue into sex on the floor or against the shelves. But Cocky Boys presents a surprising twist. After Dean opens his eyes after cumming Liam has disappeared so he goes off looking for him. In his search he discovers that the museum is closed AND he’s locked in. But so is Liam..and he has some champagne he taken from behind the bar. So after drinking some of the booze Dean says, “So now that we’re here, stuck all night…”

The museum becomes their playground. Dean bends Liam over one of the counters, rims and then fucks him as he’s sprawled on top. Liam Riley though is like a sprite who manages to scamper away into another part of the gallery, This time Dean Monroe catches him and fucks him in the doorway to a darkened hall. Visually the silhouette effect of the guys fucking is pretty stunning…but it’s not where they end up. Liam has an idea that he wants Dean to fuck him in the same position as  one of the erotic drawing hanging on the wall. A “no prize” to the person who identifies the famous erotic artist.

Once again Liam takes Dean into another physical location…into a dramatically low lit side room.  One thee Dean sits on a chair and Liam plays with his cock and muscular body (the lighting here IS great). The Liam rides him, facing him as in the drawing and then forward so WE can see them better. And they BOTH look hot working together so effortlessly. Eventually Liam hits a groove and so does Dean, stroking Liam and milking a load out of him. Liam soon gets up and returns the favor helping to stroke a load out of Dean’s cock. Liam again scampers away and Dean chases him again.

In the final sequence we find that Dean and LIam indeed spend the night in the museum. Of course they’re discovered in the AM and the video gets one more humorous, witty sequence …helped along with the aforementioned character we saw in the beginning. As we say we don’t know what’s to come if this indeed a series but when it comes to Cocky Boyswe’re in.

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