Sean Cody: Brysen & Blake’s Excellent Desert Adventure

Sean Cody deserves a huge round of applause this week for a near-perfect scene with Brysen & Blake, two of the site’s hottest and most talented models. Members and fans alike should be very happy with this release because everything simply comes together. From the match-up itself to the performances of the guys in THREE separate sequences, the location, the direction, the cinematography, and the editing, it feels like Sean Cody got it together. We’re really hoping that this is a sign of things to come after a lot of hit and miss scenes and bad reviews. We’d like to believe that all the critiques (and viewer input) have made an impact. We shall see. But for now we have Brysen & Blake.

This new Sean Cody scene was filmed on location in the desert (somewhere in California?) and a nearby house and perhaps this change of locales helps. Brysen and Blake seem very happy to be with each other from the start, driving a muscle car on a dry lake bed.  We also see a couple of new wrinkles for the site: the use of a drone camera and some introductory background music. The guys stop the car, kiss for a little bit and then get out to kiss some more, engage in some dirty talk and get down to it. The compatibility and chemistry is quite obvious. In their respective scenes Brysen and Blake always seem to be ready for some fun, uninhibited hot sex which makes this pairing just feel so right. And they’re ready for it: when their shorts come off their erect cock spring out.

Blake sucks Brysen as he sits in the front seat and the way Brysen reacts it seems clear that he’s really enjoying Blake’s oral skills. Blake also lets it be known he really likes his cock and wants to be fucked by it. Brysen wants him to sit on it and the convertible provides then the place to do it. Bryden sits on the back seat and Blake rides his pistoning cock. They also fuck in a missionary position on the hood, which sounds hotter than it looks. But It’s a basic standing fuck, with Blake holding on to the car’s open door, that proves to be the best for these two. With Brysen’s sex talk in his ear and his hard cock fast-fucking him, Blake shoots a big load. And in very short order Brysen reaches his climax and pulls out to shoot over Blake’ass. Brysen slips in back in as he cools down then pulls out to tell Blake “such a nice ass”. They kiss again, with easy affection. Simply wonderful to see.

The guys head back to the house (in a residential neighborhood) and make out by the fireplace. The fact that there’s a fire IN the hearth informs us that this was filmed a few months ago. A good sign perhaps? Again there’s genuine affection as they kiss and Blake’s mouth enjoys Brysen’s body. This brief foreplay is SO welcome! Soon Brysen wants to rim Blake who stands by the mantle bent over to get it. Apparently both guys want to right into fucking because they soon do. Brysen pounds Blake from behind but they don’t repeat the climax ending of the desert sequence. It turns out to be a really good choice.

Brysen sits on the elevated hearth and Blake rides his cock. Blake is very hard and his cock waves around like it will shoot spontaneously. Again, a sign of sexual compatibility. To put it bluntly Brysen’s cock and Blake’s hole just fit. You can see that Brysen has found his prostate and he knows it. He reaches around and strokes Blake as he piston fucks him and from this comes the scene’s WOW moment. Brysen jacks a load out of Blake and you can see in Blake’s face and hear in his voice as he blurts out “Holy fuck, I’m going to cum” that this has happened unexpectedly. Again soon after Brysen pumps his cock in and out and pulls out just in time for the camera to catch his geyser. Against they’re all affectionate afterward. This is another of those traits we like about these two. They’re into each other, even if it’s just for the show.

The third sex sequence  starts with a dip in the pool, more embracing and kissing, again which again we love seeing and which is so essential in so many scenes. This time the kissing segues to Brysen sucking off Blake the side of the pool. After drying off they go inside for round three which in missionary style on top of a pool table on the covered patio. By now they really know each other sexually so they know what to do. Brysen fucks a load out of Blake almost effortlessly and again very shortly after he pulls out and creams his hole. If they were to keep having sex off camera in the days to cum we bet it would be no time before they had simultaneous orgasms. Of course there’s more post-sex affectionate kissing which continues in another dip in the pool (watch for the drone camera view again!)

The behind the scenes epilogue has some cute moments and it also illustrates the chemistry between the guys as well as the fun they seem to be having at Sean Cody. We know that shooting porn is work but we like that Blake and Brysen show us that one can also have fun while working. At the very least the guys show that filming porn shouldn’t look like a chore that they can’t wait to finish.

After this week Blake gets one step closer to the top of our Sean Cody Top Model List. In sole possession of the #4 slot he’s one away from tying former model Brandon and if he keeps going (we hope) he’ll be just a few scenes away from #1. We love Brysen and we hope Sean Cody does too..even more. The guy is such a natural. He hasn’t had enough scenes to make it to our list BUT he’s getting close. And he deserves to be on a “Best of” list thanks to scenes like this new one.

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (38)
4. Blake (37)
5. Randy (36)
6. Brodie (35)
7. Jess (34)
8. Joey (33)
9. Jarek (29)
9. Sean (29)
11. Dean (28)
11. Lane (28)
13. Daniel (27)
13. Porter (27)
13. Jamie (27)
16. Landon (26)
17. Jayden (24)
17. Calvin (24)
19. Dennis (23)
20. Jordan (22)
20. Jack (22)
22. Pavel (21)
22. Harley (21)
22. David (21)
22. Manny (21)
26. Pete (20)
26. Jake (20)
26. Liev (20)
29. Kurt (19)
29. Shaw (19)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)

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