IN October 2017 Part 1

During the first half of October has a line-up which includes five new series and four stand-alone scenes, a few new faces, exclusives, regulars, and at least a couple guys returning to the site after an absence of several years. Technically there isn’t a Halloween-themed scene among these new releases but there is one series that has a magical theme with a sexual twist of course, and it starts off the month.

The Genie is gay porn take on the Aladdin folk tale which has inspired a ton of adaptations and variations over the years. Here the modern version is played by Massimo Piano. IN part 1 Massimo jacks off and some of his cum lands on the antique lamp. He wipes it off and of course unleashes the genie who is played by Manuel Skye with a moderate degree of campy humor..and a variety of outfits. The genie grants three wishes to Massimo who at first doesn’t believe Manuel is a genie.  The genie proves his powers by granting the first wish and bringing to Massimo’s door super-hot Lucas Fox.  He’s there to make Massimo’s ex boyfriend jealous. Massimo & Lucas have crazy hot sex in the process.

In part 2 Massimo Piano wishes to have one more night of sex with his ex played by Hector De Silva. Once again Manuel Skye has fun with the genie character with Massimo has the fairly befuddled young man. In a cute little visual twist the genie snaps his finger and gives the seemingly disinterested ex and instant boner. And so Massimo gets his wish …and so do viewers with a hot, very well-shot sex scene.

In the third part and finale the sexy genie Manuel Skye joins Massimo Pisno in the shower and convinces him to wish for sex with the genie himself. Masnuel is a master of acrobatic sex and you’ll see plenty of it here. It’s hinted that there’s another twist here. What happens when all the wishes are used up. Does he genie return to the lamp OR is there something more diabolical that happens?

The month’s second series Consulting Cock features the return of Theo Ford who stepped away from porn for a couple years and now seems ready for more. In part 1 we learn that the well-dressed executive Theo has a kinky exhibitionist side, purposely having sex with co-workers and putting on a show for the other employees…and the security man watching the surveillance cameras.  He gets it on with Diego Lauzen and a super-hot sex scene is the result.

By the way Ken Summers is one of the other employees stunned by the activity that Theo orchestrates. And he winds up sucking off the security man watching the live sex show on the monitors  (Is it Jean Franko?) He’s still around in part 2 when Diego Lauzen is inspired to get it on with co-worker Andy West who saw the earlier encounter with Theo and Diego. Once again there some very hot sex that results.

And in part 3 Theo Ford arranges to be alone with Andy West for a “meeting” but of course has wildly hot sex with him in the office. Not only is it caught on the surveillance cameras both Ken Summers and Jean Franko (?) use their phones to take pics of the sex. The trailers indicate a lot of stuff going on in this series and we’re still unsure about the details so take our interpretation with a grain of salt.

The first stand alone scene “Shameless Tutor” features Jacob Peterson in the title role as a tutor coming over to help Will Braun with his school work. Will’s mom is happy her son is getting help, blissfully unaware that the two guys aren’t studying. In fact Will is more of  a “naughty student” blowing Jacob under the table and fucking him in his bedroom.

The next new series in Naughty Houseguest from director Marc MacNamara and starring Aston Springs in the title role. Aston was the popular guy in school who everyone lusted after who has now fallen on hard times and needs a place. Seth Knight invites Aston to stay even though his former schoolmate ignored Seth and his two other roommates Diego Sans and Jake Porter. Seth’s motives are not altruistic..he wants to show his life is better than Aston’s. Aston arrives and apologize for his behavior in school but does it give Seth a change of heart. He fucks Aston hard in the scene, but then what…?

In part 2 Jake Porter is still none too pleased that Aston Springs is staying with him and his roomies and he’s pretty hard-hearted even after Aston apologizes. Nevertheless someone they wind up having sex and Jake tops the new roomie. Is THIS the revenge part?

Coming up, two more series and two stand-alone Canadian scenes that seem connected but aren’t. And more…..


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