New Faces For October 2017 Part 1

This month’s first newcomer spotlight features an interesting variety of types including straight and not-so straight jocks, some with unknown sexual leanings. These aren’t really new types here but a couple are appearing at sites you might not expect. Also, like last week Chaos Men has changed isn’t starting off the week with a newcomer solo. It’s likely, though we’re not positive, that the CM’s new face will appear on Wednesday like last week. If that’s the case we’ll update this post again.

Lorenzo at Sean Cody.  First of all Lorenzo is straight and is one of the few guys to come out and says so. He’s also very frank about preferring a relationship BUT in the meantime “I’ll hit it and quit it.”  Lorenzo considers himself a tough guy in the bedroom (whatever that means) and prefers doggie style. He’s also into foreplay and blowjob (which he considers foreplay).  Lorenzo is very fit and into body building and works out for the camera in some outdoor calisthenics.

Lorenzo is a pleasant guy seems very much at ease with himself and the self-confident Italian says, “Italians are very sexual…I’d say 100% of me is sexual.” But, does all this mean he might try getting a blowjob from a guy or fucking him? It doesn’t sound like it and we probably won’t see him at Sean Cody again. But who knows. Maybe this guy with a Chaos Men may surprise us.

Troy at Corbin Fisher. Total jock Troy looks like he might be a laid back type of dude with his shaggy gingeresque hair and chin scruff. And he is pretty low-key when talking about his athletic activities.  He also shows them off in the park. As we learn, in football Troy played four different positions, and he was also on the track-and-field team. As CF says, “we definitely appreciate versatility around here.”

CF says Troy is “the kind of guy you could either grab a beer with or have hot locker room sex with!” We’d believe the first part but he doesn’t indicate he would be into the latter. s we say, Troy may act low-key but he has a very energetic jack-off style. The guy is clearly horned up and really wants to blow his load. And he does, lying back and shooting a big load that almost hits his mouth. He’ll definitely have fans here!

Gio Lockwood at Gay HooplaThis good-looking tan, blond young man with a hot bubble-butt (apparently he built the bubble from cheerleading activities) is also super-cute in looks AND personality. He’s gay (yes!) and tells the director about his gym “hook-up stories” just to double-verify it. In fact as Gio talks about future videos at GH he becomes the the site’s first model ever to get hard during an interview. Gay Hoopla finishes up by saying, “Gio has such a great attitude and really knows how to bring energy and charisma to the room. Wait until you see the booty on this beautiful human.”

We WILL see Gio Lockwood again…this week to be exact. BUT, it will be in an unexpected way. He’s paired with muscleman Sean Costin AND Gio tops him! He takes the time to admire his muscles, they trade blowjobs AND Gio rims and fucks him. It also seems that Sean really enjoys Gio’s technique, arguably more than some of his straight scene partners. Check out the trailer and see if you don’t agree.


Bud at Active Duty. This soft-spoken 25 year old is hard from the get-go and as the site says, “His calm demeanor and slow strokes on his hard dick make for great viewing pleasure.”AD also recognizes the sexy nerd appeal of the eye-glass wearing stud. There’s no interview in the trailer so we have to go by the scene description: “He has very little hair on his fit body and his ass is one of the smoothest. He has a great smooth bubble butt that I’m sure will get used by one of our top vets. His balls are smooth and luscious just waiting for some attention. His balls are full and ready to release this creamy nut and as he pulls on his dick for the finale time his nut comes oozing out all over his own cock and balls making for some great lube. Enjoy!” We’ll see if he continues here and shows up later at Next Door Studios .

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