Next Door Studios In October 2017 Part 2

In our second comparatively shorter look at upcoming releases for Next Door Studios this month, there are two more new faces, a second chapter to a video released late last month and another video with the same taboo theme.  There’s still no word on any Halloween related releases but we should know the answer to that question in the days ahead.

Matty Strong.  Just added to the line-up is this Next Door Male solo introducing this hot guy! Matt Strong is a handsome, scruffy artist and also a avid gym goer as you cab see from his very well developed body. His favorite body part is his lickable chest but he really enjoys working on his legs. He’s also got a really nice cock and big balls.  To further tantalize he says he’s a dominant type but he also likes to be tied up once in a while! Alas, he appears to be straight and sounds like he’s only around for a solo. If we’re wrong about this we’ll be VERY happy.

In “My Friend’s Hot Brother” Jake Ashford crashes at the place of his friend’s sexy straight sibling Mark Long and goes to thank him. However Jake goes to Mark’s room when the sexy stud is draped in a towel and is startled when he creeps in without warning.  Jake wants to repay Mark for his hospitality the only way he can afford: a blowjob. Mark reluctantly gives in and of course winds up fucking Jake (is that a year’s rent?).

“Rental History” features Leo Luckett as a realtor who agrees to help his ex Dalton Riley sell his house to a prospective buyer. On the day of the open house Dalton confesses that there is no buyer..he used this as a ruse to try and get back together with Leo. Dalton says the words Leo has wanted to hear, “I’m sorry” and they take the first steps towards reconciliation…by fucking on the staircase!

There’s a sexy twist in “Fresh Brotherhood Part 2” coming up towards the end of the month. To recap, in  “Fresh Brotherhood Part 1” Paul Canon comes home from school to find his sexy stepbrother-to-be Calvin Chambers has already arrived and apparently moved in. With Paul’s dad and Calvin’s mom out shopping the guys have the place to themselves. Calvin clearly is hot for Paul and finds a way to get alone with him and seduce him. At first Paul is weirded out by the idea but he gives in once Calvin gives him good head in the house’s sauna. Paul returns the favor and winds up getting fucked by Calvin in one of the bedrooms.

In “Fresh Brotherhood Part 2” it  appears that Calvin and Paul are blissfully happy, playing pool and enjoying their new dynamic. Enter Dakota Young as the cute but annoying neighbor who wants to hang out with the guys. Calvin Chambers and Paul Canon try to get rid of him but Dakota reveal he saw the guys fucking through the window. He’ll keep their secret BUT he wants a piece of the action too. Actually he wants to be tag teamed and spit-roasted by his neighbors and they have no choice but to oblige.

Dakota is back for the last scene we’re previewing this time “Dakota Young And Lance Layd Get Lucky”. It’s cutie Lance Layd’s first scene and he’s a bit nervous, giving out his real name (which is bleeped out) in the introduction. That said there’s something familiar about Lance that tells us he’s filmed something before. Check back.  Anyway Dakota helps break the ice by sucking Lance and bottoming for him.

Coming up: the last Next Door Studios spotlight on October releases.

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