Cocky Boys: Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign

Another long-awaited match-up finally happens this week at Cocky Boys: Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign! They’re easily two of the most talented and dynamic performers at the studio…and in porn itself. Everything you like about them is on display this week in a very special “end of summer” scene. Their shared uninhibited sexuality, their hot bodies, Taylor’s very focused pursuit of fantasy fulfillment, Ricky’s joyful free-spirited personality,and more.  And they’re brought together in an outdoor sex scene in which everything comes together in a classic Cocky Boys way.

In the introduction we find out that Ricky & Taylor have basically known about each other for a while and “admired” each other but they really didn’t meet until the Cocky Boys Pool Party. Of course they wanted to get together too so finally the studio made it happen at the bittersweet end of summer. Considering the way this scene turns out, we’re glad this match-up did NOT happen in the middle of summer. It might not have turned out as hot.

Cocky Boys finds some of the most fascinating settings for outdoor scenes and this video has yet another. Ricky and Taylor are sitting atop a tree ladder stand which gives us new view of them as they get a new view of the landscape. The tree ladder stand comes in might handy once the guys descend and kiss up a storm. By the way there’s lots and lots of passionate kissing peppered through the video. It’s one of the big reasons this scene is so hot to watch. Anyway, Ricky backs up this tree ladder so that he ever-ready cock is at a perfect height for Taylor to suck him.

Here and throughout the scene there’s lots of moaning, dirty talking, and overall unfiltered vocal utterances from both guys..even when their mouths are otherwise “busy”.  Ricky Roman shows he’s getting one helluva blowjob and Taylor Reign sure spends a lot of time on him. When it’s Ricky’s turn he climbs down and after more making out and he gets on his knees to suck Taylor so relentlessly it looks like Taylor may pass out. At the very least Taylor has to hold the ladder for support. For his “reward” Rick gets a juicy facial and then Riky turns around and the guys switch positions so that Taylor gets a mouthful of Ricky’s cum. SO hot.

Believe it or not Taylor Reign wants to fuck  but Ricky Roman needs a few minutes to reboot. So a little hike through the woods to an outdoor bed (again, gotta love how Cocky Boys makes it all em so natural) Taylor sits there and Ricky lies adjacent to him to suck him again with the same fervor. Meanwhile Taylor plays with Ricky’s hole, getting him ready for what’s to come. If you think fucking comes next, you’re correct. But it’s also transpired in unpredictable ways and is wildly hot.

Ricky rides Taylor’s cock and the guys really develop a hot rhythm. At one point it looks like Taylor reaches around to jerk off Ricky and it look like he’s going to get him off. However it’s lightly raining again (you might have noticed it earlier) and Ricky intimates maybe they should take a break. Nope! Taylor actually says “fuck the rain” because he’s wanted to have sex in the rain and now he can. He fucks Ricky missionary style with lots of energy expended. Although they get close neither guy cums . As they slow down to kiss again Ricky has an idea.

Ricky stands Taylor between two medium size trees and puts his hands against the trunks. It resembles bondage ..just without the bonds, with Ricky in control. He rims and fucks Taylor from behind and it sure looks like Taylor could cum hands free. Ricky takes more control though by reaching around to pump Taylor’s cock and tell him he wants to make him cum. He brings him close then lets Taylor finish himself off with huge load that looks like it was saved up for days.

Ricky finishes up by giving Taylor a facial and thankfully little if none of it winds up on the ground. Taylor makes sure by slurping Ricky’s clock of what’s left. The thick creamy cum practically covers all of Taylor.’s cheek… a hot visual touch as they kiss and hike back to the house. A perfect way to end the season of summer scenes.

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