Titan Men’s Bad Cop 2: Beckham & Vario!

There’s another unquestionably hot match-up this week at Titan Men in the third scene from Bad Cop 2: Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario!  Frankly a scene pairing these muscular and well-hung men is inherently hot but making then two horny men in uniform certainly adds an extra layer of hotness. This in turn is compounded by the premise of the series.  A perv cop is watching a surveillance video from a hidden camera (?) in the precinct station..and these two guys are unaware of it.

Director Jasun Mark wastes little time getting things going between the two guys in “End of Watch, Thursday 2:21 AM”.  Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario are happy their shift is over but before they leave they get it on. It’s implied they’ve done this before and they start making out. In little time Jason is going down on Bruce with remarkably hungry lust.

As we have mentioned before Jason has evolved quite a bit as a performer becoming much more of an “all-in” kind of performer. He gives good head to Bruce who leans back watching. By the way, Bruce Beckham wears  sunglasses in the entire scene and it’s very effective. He looks like a Colt model and the scene has a “Tom of Finland” feel. But we believe the glasses were also a necessity for Bruce who had some eye trouble later on.


Bruce reciprocates and he too spends a long time giving good head to Jason’s huge cock. Jason follows by rimming Bruce, leading us on to think that he’ll be switching over to fucking him. Nope, Bruce returns the favor by rimming Jason as he straddles the desk. Somehow with Jason on top of that desk it just looks flimsy with this massive guy on top. Of course it doesn’t collapse but Jason does dwarf it.


Finally Jason DOES fuck Bruce, giving it to him hard from behind. By the way the guys start this off still wearing their uniform shirts and only Jason takes his off as he fucks Bruce. Finally Bruce gets totally naked as he rides Jason’s cock as they lie on the floor. Visually it looks like this is the most comfortable position for Bruce Beckham and though he looks close to cumming they change positions one more time.

Jason Vario fucks Bruce on his back and keeps going hard and deep until Bruce Beckham pumps out a load. But it’s Jason who delivers the huge money shot, pumping out a thick load that stands out even more against Bruce’s tanned abs. They kiss one more time and we’d like to believe these two cops will be taking the weekend off together.

Next week the Bad Cop 2 finale in which we return to cop voyeurs Dallas Steele and Dakota Rivers sucking and fucking. Stay tuned…

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