In October 2017 Part 2

In our second look at‘s October release schedule we spotlight a newly released series, another series featuring the site debut of a popular newbie, more Canadian studliness, and a six-man orgy scene with an award-winning star and a co-starring cast of faves and rising stars. There’s still a blank spot on the release schedule during this period and that should be corrected within a few days.  Expect a post covering that scene and the second half of October releases coming soon.

Just released is part one of Fuck Me Silly a sex farce in which a relationship is having troubles, further complicated by supposed friends taking advantage of the situation.  Directed by Edward James the first episode introduces Cliff Jansen as one-half of the couple  tells friend Ethan Slade one morning that they’ve hit a “rough patch”. Cliff doesn’t go into it but Ethan senses the opportunity and makes a move on him. Cliff responds abd soon Ethan is sucking his big cock and getting fucked by him on the kitchen counter. And it all happens while the unseen boyfriend is upstairs in bed.

Next week in part 2 of Fuck Me Silly  we meet the boyfriend. It’s Will Braun who is on the phone complaining to someone that for the past year his and Cliff’s hasn’t been good because Cliff lacks passion and all he wants to do is fuck rough.  Another “friend” Roman Todd is eavesdropping and when he goes downstairs he hears Cliff and Ethan’s kitchen fuck. SO.. using all the valuable “intel” Roman goes back upstairs to offer the kind of sex Will deserves. And the offer works as Roman (looking great by the way) tops Will.  Is there more to this story? stay tuned…

This week’s stand-alone scene “The Ghost” sounds like it’s an early Halloween offering but it’s really just a take of sex deception. Cutie Bellamy Bradley (in his debut) has two hot muscle guys interested in him: Ryan Bones and Jack Kross (in HIS debut) . Ideally they’d like to have a three-way with him but he’s not into that. So, Jack seduces Bellamy and fucks him and while pretending to take a momentary break Ryan slips in from to replace Jack. When Jack shows his face in the window it freaks out Bellamy. The silly ruse works Bellamy agrees to the three way and a happy ending ensues.

In this weekend’s “Yoga” Arad Winwin teaches a yoga class with a very hot group of students who are turned on by all the sexy moves their instructor demonstrates. Soon enough the class turns into a sexfest with the six guys pairing up into three pairs, then two three-ways and…? As we mentioned above the class features a notably hot class: PGrabbys Perforner of the Year Wesley Woods, muscle stud Leon Lewis (a Sean Cody model who became a regular at Bromo), exclusive stud Jacob Peterson, and two of today’s hottest rising stars Leo Luckett (in his first MEN scene) and Casey Jacks in his second.  It’s safe to say this is one of THE highlights of the month so far.

Next week new series Side Piece launches. We’re not sure if this is an series of vignettes or a plot-driven series but it stars Leo Luckett has a guy with an insatiable sex appetite..especially for Darin Silvers.  Even though Darin’s wife is in the next room Leo seduces him in the bathroom with a blowjob and manages to get his straight buddy to fuck him in the bedroom.

Then there’s “Skin Diving” with Bellamy Bradley and Jack Kross again, this time with muscle man William Seed. Bellamy is actually snorkeling, in fairly shallow water (a lake? river? ) and happebs upon Jack and William making out and sucking cock on a sandbar. He spies on them and gets caught and is chased to a secluded spot along the shore where he is double-teamed by the aggressive muscular duo. Are they getting back at peeper Bellany? If so, he sure is happy about !

Coming soon: more October previews including Halloween?

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