Hot House’s The Fixer Part 3

This week at Hot House the plot thickens in director Nick Foxx’s sex thriller/porn noir The Fixer and things get hotter courtesy of the dynamic match-up of Skyy Knox & Beaux Banks. Their roles and their characters’ dynamic in this pivotal scene is key to the movie and to say that this duo brings everything they have to this scene can’t be overstated. At this point you can really understand why director Foxx said this was his favorite movie to make. As before, there are spoilers ahead…

 To recap, wealthy Alex (Austin Wolf) is being blackmailed for $250K by some mystery figure who’s gotten a hold of a sex tape, shot by Alex’s regular escort Derek (Alex Mecum). Alex wants to keep the police out of the matter and has turned it over to Wolf (Tyler Roberts) aka “The Fixer”.  While in his meeting with the Fixer, Alex is unaware that his remarkably understanding boyfriend Tony (Beaux Banks), who has been told to stay out of it, has done just the opposite and has gone to give the money to the blackmailer in exchange for the hard drive that has the sex tape.

 Tony (Beaux Banks) goes to the remote garage where he hands the money over to Don (Skyy Knox) BUT he reneges on turning over the incriminating hard drive. He wants more than money. He wants revenge against Alex for ruining his life (details are explained in the scene) and he wants to take personal something from him…namely Tony. If Tony agrees to put out for him Don will give him the hard drive. Beaux Banks‘ Tony reluctantly agrees and pulls down his pants and bends over the car showing off his luscious bubble butt. It’s a sight no one would turn down , right? However, Skyy Knox‘s Don wants all of Tony, the so-called husband experience. He pulls open his shirt and Skyy kisses Beaux with forceful passion.

 Skyy is rough with Beaux: kissing him hard, biting his lip, chewing on his nipple, pounding his chest, spitting in his mouth and more. Beaux does a very good job, straddling the fine line between resistance and giving in Skyy’s dominance. He’s pushed to his knees and opens up Skyy’s pants to suck his cock. Skyy in turn face-fucks him hard and when he’s had enough of that he picks Beaux up, bends him over the car and decides now is the time to own his ass. What Skyy does can only be described as “power rimming”. He dominates Beaux as with his mouth, tongue and fingers abd periodically shoves the fingers in Beaux’ mouth.

 Skyy Knox then fucks Beaux Banks like a force of nature, seemingly possessed by his character, a tough guy out for revenge sex. Beaux whimpers, moans and talks dirty, seemingly showing pleasure at getting dominated and fucked so hard. At one point he thrusts his ass back on Skyy’s cock. Skyy continues to pound him, and he really works up a sweat in doing so.

   Skyy finishes off Beaux on his back, continuing his deep thrust assault on his hole. By now Beaux is belting out like someone who love every second, at one point yelling “yeah, c’mon, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Skyy pounds the cum out of Beaux and feeds it to him. And then he gets him on his knees to shoot on his face and in his mouth. Skyy then gives him a sloppy wet kiss, tasting his own cum, mixed with sweat and saliva. To top off this humiliating experience he calls Beaux a dirty pig and orders him to get dressed.

As they gets dressed Tony (Beaux Banks) assumes because he’s given in they have a deal, but Don (Skyy Knox) pulls a gun and says no deal. Although it’s nothing is explicitly said her it’s assumed that Don now has a captive as well as the hard drive as a bargaining chip. Next week the confrontation with Alex (Austin Wolf), Wolf the Fixer (Tyler Roberts) and his “Associate” (Arad Winwin) against Don (Skyy Knox). Guess who  gets worked over?

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