Chaos Men Marathon Sale!

Chaos Men‘s annual End of Year Marathons are starting soon and that also means the annual 3-month membership deal! Going on now through December 1 Chaos Men is offering new members $20 off the 90-day membership. That’s only $49.95 and it renews at only $19.95 after that.  It’s a great deal even without the marathons but the added content during the marathons definitely gives you more bang for your bucks.

Longtime Chaos Men followers know that every year as a reward for current members, site owner Bryan gathers up as ton of videos for THREE separate marathons of daily releases over the holiday season. It used to be just an “end-of-year” marathon in which Bryan cleaned out the archives but he expanded it and began including special releases just for the marathons. This year there’s Monster Cock Week (Oct. 23rd-31st), where Bryan focuses “bringing you the biggest meat I can find.” In November there’s the Extra Giblets & Butt-Stuffing Marathon (Nov. 20th-27th) “with 5 times the sex films.” And then in December there’s the Holiday Marathon running from Dec. 22nd to January 1st, “with a little bit of everything.”

More to follow…


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