Cocky Boys: Alex Mecum & Cory Kane!

Alex Mecum is back at Cocky Boys this week in a new video shot in Canada with the sweet, sexy and very hung Cory Kane! It comes as no surprise that Cory has a thing for the incredibly sexy Alex because it seems he simply has near-universal appeal, both physically and in his personality. Hot, self-confident and yet seemingly very grounded. You could also say the same for Cory which may account for the fact that they seem to get along from the get-go.

In this straightforward scene Alex and Cory spend a little time together in Montreal as it recently experienced some mild weather. Inside though they quickly turn up the heat with some passionate kissing. Cory can’t wait to get Alex’s shirt off …of which we heartily approve. And as they embrace Cory channels his viewer by rubbing his hands over Alex’s well-sculpted muscles. As we’ve noted before Cory Kane may be a relatively soft-spoken young man but he’s a man of action. Before too long he has Alex leaning back and Cory is sucking his cock, pulling off his shorts, and giving head expertly. Doesn’t it seem that guys with big dicks excel at blowing other big cocks?

The intensity of this scene is quite vivid as Alex Mecum breathes heavily and it feels like Cory is bringing him closer to the edge. Alex helps this impression by face-fucking him, But then he stops and goes back to kissing Cory, taking off his clothes and sucking him as he lies back. Given his size it’s almost impossible for Alex not to look like he’s enveloping a leaner guy like Cory but uses this to his advantage by moving from sucking to rimming him. And damn if Cory doesn’t love Alex’s rimming technique. They move smoothly from that to Alex fucking Cory on his back.


Alex and Cory find a groove as they fuck missionary for some time and then they change to Alex fucking Cory from the side. They find a groove here too as it’s easier for Alex to kiss Cory and reach over to stroke his big cock. Again it looks like both guys are getting closer to cumming but it appears they both want this to last longer. It’s here where standard gay porn fucking just won’t do. Alex wants to try something different.

After getting him into position Alex Mecum soon is fucking Cory Kane in a kind of sideways pile driver. After that they move into a more acrobatic position that apparently has a name: a reverse soaring eagle. It’s quite hot to watch and Alex sure has the body to make it look hot. The passion here reaches a fever pitch so that when Cory and Alex move out of position everything moves quickly and seamlessly. Alex presses Cory against the back of the sofa and it looks like he’s still inside Cory. The point it we just don;t know.

However, in the big finale we can see Cory is riding Alex’s cock and he does it until his jumbo thick cock swells up and explodes over Alex’s hairy chiseled abs. Again it’s all very intense, heightened as Alex sucks Cory’s sensitive cock.  After more kissing and changing positions Alex jacks his cock until his traditionally large explosive loads covers Cory’s torso. Cory Kane returns the favor by sucking Alex Mecum‘s sensitive cock and they kiss passionately, albeit more slowly. It’s amazing that this is a good size scene but it seems like it’s over too quickly. The sign of a VERY good video!

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