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Today Corbin Fisher issued a thoughtful statement on last week’s tragedy in Las Vegas which we’re passing along here. As many of you know Corbin Fisher is the home base for the popular site and as such CF offers its unique point of view on the city at this time. Take time to read it and consider donating to the victims’ fund…a link is provided within the letter from the website…


Dear Friends,

One week ago, our home town of Las Vegas was hit by unspeakable tragedy.  While all of us at Corbin Fisher are profoundly grateful no staff, crew, or performers were directly impacted by what occurred, we have all been left heartbroken by the pain, suffering, and loss of life that took place.  We’ve also all been impacted by friends, colleagues, members, former team members, past performers, and fans who’ve reached out from across the country – and even world – to check on our well-being, offer words of support, and share how the events on October 1, 2017 affected them.


Back in 2010, we moved from Florida to Las Vegas and this wonderful city immediately welcomed us and made us feel at home.  Vegas is a city that opens its arms to millions of visitors a year, offering up its warm hospitality to all and giving people from around the world a place to escape to, let loose, and have fun.   It’s fitting we found Las Vegas the perfect place to set up shop, knowing this town could inspire us to offer the same to our fans.


While none of us at CF were at the Route 91 festival last Sunday, most all of us know someone who was; every one of us knows someone who works in the hospitality industry here, or even at Mandalay Bay or at special events like Route 91; the golden, glimmering towers of Mandalay Bay shine brightly just a 1/2 mile from our office, and greet us every time we pull in to our office parking lot or look out the windows; the first time CF had an anniversary celebration for fans here in Vegas, Mandalay Bay was the host hotel where most guests stayed; way back in 2005, the very first adult industry convention CF attended was at Mandalay Bay, at which some of us here first met one another.  That such horrible events could have taken place at and in the shadow of what is a daily part of our lives hits close to home.  Living in Las Vegas means frequent and regular visits from out of town friends and family who come here to see the sights and enjoy life, and knowing so many of the victims of this awful tragedy had come here or gone out that night to do just that this last fateful weekend hits even closer, and harder.


Many of the friends who’ve reached out to us have asked the same question – “Is there any way we can help, or anything we can do?”.  Deeply touched by this compassion and heartfelt desire to help, we wanted to share with you the following:


Immediately after the attack on The Strip, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak created the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund GoFundMe campaign  Money raised through this campaign “will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting.”.  Millions of dollars have been raised so far, but certainly every additional dollar is much-needed and will go a long way.  There are dozens of families who lost a loved one and have been hit with unexpected travel, medical, and funeral costs, and lost incomes.  Hundreds of people were injured, and will be dealing with medical expenses – not only now, but in many cases for years to come.  Corbin Fisher has donated $5000.00, many of us here will also be making individual donations, and we’d be forever grateful if you considered donating as well.  If you already have donated, your kindness and generosity means so much not only to the victims of this tragic event, but also to those of us who call Vegas home.


We know many of you have visited Vegas before, or may have considered doing so in the future.  We want you to know another meaningful way you can contribute is to keep doing precisely that – visit Vegas, stay in our hotels, dine at our restaurants, see our shows, and enjoy all the remarkable hospitality Vegas has to offer.  If you have plans to come, keep them.  If you’re considering making plans, do it.  Tens of thousands of Las Vegans make their livings entertaining visitors, and dedicate countless working hours to doing just that.  While perhaps less apparent and visible, any suffering they and their families might experience through lost wages or lost jobs would just add to the tragedy of what occurred.


All of us at CF would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read this, and for having Vegas in your thoughts.

Forever #VegasStrong,

Corbin Fisher

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