Falcon’s Head Play Part 1

As we reported earlier Falcon Studios has premiered the first scene from their new Tony Dimarco feature Head Play and released the movie on DVD with scenes also available for download at the studio store. Today. we have a review of the first scene coming up we have a preview of the four remaining scenes. As the press release describes Head Play is a  “futuristic film set in the present that explores the blurred lines between reality and fantasy in the world of virtual reality gaming.” 

Head Play‘s cast is described as an “A-list” headlined by Falcon Exclusives Ryan Rose, JJ Knight and Skyy Knox, plus fan favorites Roman Todd, Jay James and Alex Chandler. (the latter two being newcomers to many viewers).”These studs are in it to win it. In the virtual world of ‘Head Play’, six stunning opponents out-wit and literally fuck their way out of situations with one goal in sight: Winning. Award-winner Tony Dimarco directs this high-energy, fast-paced sexual and mental competition that pits beautiful, athletic men against each other in a quest for the prize.”

Director Tony Dimarco says, “I’ve always loved the idea of extremely different worlds colliding. In ‘Head Play’, we explore what happens when lust, competition, and virtual reality join forces for a physical and cerebral sexual experience.”

“At Falcon, we love to explore hypothetical possibilities across all genres,” says Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti. “Tony really knocked it out of the park with this one. The sex, the settings, and the plot are all phenomenal. If this is what happened every time you stepped into the world of VR, then no one would ever take the gear off,” he said.

In the first scene Ryan Rose is described as “an adventurer in a virtual world seeking treasure”. Given his attire it would appear that director Dimarco is making Ryan the Lara Croft of this scenario. He snatches a small crystal obelisk and escapes the trap set for him and it looks like he’s in the clear. However out of nowhere Skyy Knox, “a crafty hunk with virtual superpowers” ,vibrates into the scene and Ryan finds himself tied to a tree trunk. Skyy now has the treasure but sticks around to have some fun with the bound hunk. He kisses him hard, pulls down his pants and starts sucking the fully erect cock that springs forth from his undies.

Skyy Knox shows off his deep throating skills and makes the helpless Ryan Rose squirm and moan. He also sucks Ryan’s balls and seems to drive the bound stud crazy with all the relentless oral sex. Seeing Ryan Rose bound and helpless is VERY hot even with his tank top still on (we assume that Ryan’s naked back would get pretty scratched up on the tree trunk) and his ripped muscle body peeking out. Fortunately Skyy reaches up to partially uncover Ryan’s torso and tweak his nipples. Then he rises up to suck his nipples and make Ryan squirm more. He goes back down on him an along the way gets naked and strokes their cocks together. Skyy’s teasing form of foreplay is very hot and it soon gets hotter.

Skyy turns around and dry humps Ryan’s cock with his ass. At one point it disappears in Skyy’s crack almost appearing that he’s penetrated him. Not quite. Sky puts a condom on Ryan’s cock using only his mouth (that in itself is hot). He then backs up on his cock and fucks his hole with Ryan’s cock. Ryan is fairly immobile but in this virtual world he seems to have powers too and manages to use maneuver his wrists out of the ropes, grab Skyy by the hips and start pounding him back. Sky’s reaction. ” Oh! Fuck yeah!” He jack hammers him relentlessly, then turns him around , takes off his tank top and fucks Skyy against the tree. Skyy just seems to love this power fucking no matter how aggressive and seemingly angry Ryan appears to be.

They continue to fuck and Ryan holds Skyy’s leg up to pound him deeper. As the wildly energetic sex continues Skyy sweats up a storm. He does this a lot in his movies and it sure looks good on him, as we see it. Sweating in a scene is subjectively hot and it doesn’t necessarily look good on everyone. Ryan pounds an explosive load out of Skyy then releases an intense orgasm of his own, cumming over a kneeling Skyy’s face and in his mouth. Skyy Knox sucks Ryan’s sensitive cock clean of cum and then feeds it back to his in a snowballing kissing exchange. A dirty-hot ending to a hard-edged fucking scene.

There’s also a cliffhanger to the scene. As Ryan and Skyy kiss, Roman Todd (wearing a similar Lara Croft color scheme) creeps out of nowhere and snatches up the unguarded crystal treasure and dashes away!

Coming up Roman Todd finds out the object he’s stolen is very powerful and he already has Jay James in his pursuit. AND, the object switches hands again. Game tester JJ Knight finds his way into virtual reality world and Alex Chandler joins him to suck him off.  In the 4th scene JJ Knight meets up with Skyy Knox with the crystal prize in the balance. An in the finale JJ & Alex reunite with only one guy becoming victorious in claiming the prize. Stay tuned…

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