Raging Stallion’s Trapped Part 1

As we reported the other day Raging Stallion has released the first scene from its fall epic Trapped directed by Chi Chi LaRue AND Steve Cruz. As we’ve learned it’s a SIX scene movie, a sexual thriller which will unfold on the Raging Stallion membership site through November 3.  You’ll be able to see the whole thing on DVD which comes out on Friday October 13, the same day that individual scene downloads will be available at the Falcon Studio store. We’ll preview the whole movie in the next day or so but in the meantime we’re reviewing the first two parts today.

Raging Stallion describes the movie as a mysterious sexual adventure but doesn’t quite start out that way. It opens with Kurtis Wolfe fucking Tegan Zayne (in his studio return)and clearly the vocal bottom is enjoying getting it from the handsome top. As they keep going you can see they’re working in concert with one another. Tegan moans as he’s fucked which gets Kurtis more excited and he picks up the pace and pumps deeper which gets Tegan more vocal ..and so on. Plus there’s affection as periodically Kurtis bends in to kiss Tegan. So, there’s clearly no hint of anything mysterious about to happen.

At one point Kurtis and Tegan come up to kiss upright and then Kurtis leans back with his cock still inside Tegan. Without seeming to miss a beat soon Tegan is riding Kurtis’ cock ad once gain they get into a groove. As a power bottom Tegan Zayne is one of the best. He changes positions as he rides Kurtis Wolfe and uses his entire body. He writhes and grinds on Kurtis and his cock stays hard.

At another point Kurtis flips Tegan back and it looks like he’s going to fuck him on his back again. But what he does his bend him over more with his ass in the air so he can rim him deep and suck his cock. with his ass in the air. Tegan is almost upside down and as Kurtis is busy on his hole he starts sucking Kurtis.  It’s virtually a vertical 69. They eventually move to a horizontal sideways 69 and Tegan is relentless. Using his mouth and hands he’s determined to extract Kurtis’s load and he finally gets it. The points into into his mouth and takes most of it and lets it dribble over his heavy dark beard. When he cums Kurtis also aims it for his open mouth but Tegan’s load shoots higher, some of his cum going over Kurtis’ shoulder. It almost looks like he gets very little in his mouth. But he sucks what he can off of Tegan’s sensitive cockhead.

The guys kiss and the scene fades out BUT it fades back in as the guys lie together in post-orgasmic bliss. Kurtis expresses that he’s never felt more connected to Tegan and wants to make their relationship “official” but Tegan quickly puts on the brakes. He’s clearly not ready to make a commitment…he’s still in a “day to day”. Kurtis is hurt but Tegan’s coolness and suggest Tegan take a drive up to the Russian River for the weekend to clear his head and think about what he wants. Even at that serious suggestion Tegan seems like he’s humoring Kurtis and isn’t going to change his mind on the trip.

In scene two Tegan Zayne doesn’t quite make it up to the woods. It’s Friday at 5PM and he stops by a gay bar on the way (in the real life town of Rio Nido) where Colby Keller is buying him beers and offering a friendly ear (“I’m a good listener”). Tegan tells him his decision-making dilemma and starts to get woozy after guzzling some beers. He tries to leave the bar and Colby helps him out to his car…but Tegan doesn’t maker it. He passes out and Colby carries him to his truck and drives off with him! How did all this go unnoticed? Easy! Seth Santoro is totally focused on coming on to the bartender Ryan Finch and the two horny guys seemingly don’t see a thing. They’re kissing by the time Colby & Tegan leave.

Seth and Ryan make quick work of their bar hook-up, When we see them again they’re leaning against the pool table with their cocks out, jerking them, getting shirtless, kissing and clearly uninhibited by having sex out in the open. Seth Santoro is such a hunk of beefy muscle but you really notice it as his mouth worships the shorter and leaner Ryan Finch.  Ryan is also hung and Seth goes for it by sucking all of it and deep throating Ryan. Ryan may be shorter and leaner but he’s got a amazing body and he really knows how to take a dominant stance with Seth.

Things get more intense and hot as Seth leans Ryan back on the pool table and rims him. It’s on the pool table that you see more of Ryan’s hot visual style. Seth sits on his face and Ryan arches his back and squirms as he rims Seth and takes his cock as it’s fed to him. He takes deep it like a seasoned pro. They get into a cocksucking 69 mixed with Ryan rimming Seth and it pushes the guys to the edge. But it’s Ryan who blows first as he rimming Seth ho bends forward to get some of Ryan’s cum. Soon after Set shoots and gives Ryan a mouthful. This passionate intensity ends with the guys kissing, still on top of the pool table and oblivious to anything else.

The scene ends with Tegan Zayne waking up naked on top of a bed with Colby Keller sitting in s chair nearby looking stern. The shocker is that it’s now Monday 9AM and he’s been passed out all weekend long. Colby tells him his clothes were wet (?) and are outside drying. Tegan goes to retrieve them BUT the door is locked and Colby is angry that Tegan is ready to run off without thanking him for taking care of him all weekend.  Once he learns it’s Monday and Colby tells him “you’re not ready to leave yet”  Tegan panics and bangs on the door screaming for help. Of course Tegan isn’t going anywhere!

So far this tale of terror has us hooked and we can’t wait to see how this evolves. We know how things turn out..or at least we think we do. The 2nd scene is live as of October 9. Scene 3 comes out Friday October 13 with scenes 4, 5 & 6 coming out on the subsequent Fridays. Stay tuned…

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