New Faces For October 2017 Part 2

Fall is usually the time of year when more of the newcomers somehow wind up becoming big deals at the respective sites…or elsewhere. There are at least two guys among this week’s selection who are definitely coming back for more but beyond that, we shall see. Also for the third week in a row Chaos Men isn’t offering a new face in the usual Monday schedule. It’s quite possible that the site is saving up these newbie for the annual Monster Cock Week Marathon starting October 23. And while we’re mentioning Chaos Men here’s a plug fopr the site’s annual 90-day membership sale: $20 off a 3-month membership in conjunction with all three holiday marathons. Great deal.

Peyton at Sean Cody. This 22 year-old jock from Seattle certainly has the physical qualities that would make us want to see more. He’s good-looking, has a lean-muscled body and a good-sized cock . He’s pleasant personality-wise although decidedly low-key. He doesn’t come right out and say he’s straight but he’s purposely gender-free in discussing his likes when searching for porn. About the only obvious thing is he likes “big asses”. Not necessarily search terms someone gay would seek.

In a way Peyton serves as a good gauge of how to size up other newcomers at Sean Cody. If a guy is straight and is looking to explore his sexuality, that increases his chance of returning. The closest Peyton gets is noticing another guy’s dick size.  If a guy plays with his ass at all, there’s also chance of returning. Peyton merely shows off his ass. And he certainly gives no indication if being a fan of the site nor does he mention returning. If he does come back it will be a surprise and given his laid back personality he would really have to step it up if he did.

Max at Corbin Fisher. For all the lack of promise from Peyton, there’s plenty for CF’s new face Max. And the site itself expresses their enthusiasm in the scene description. Max is very up beat, very friendly guy with a handsome smiling face dimples, a hot body and an big cock. While this SoCal guy is very much into physical activity he’s also a self-professed nerd and plans on going into neurology. Not at all shy he’s very eager to get going and show off for the camera and get off for viewers.

Max also applied to the site which is another plus. He knew the site already (CF says he’s a fan) and but actually being there and filming was admittedly surreal for him. Nevertheless, there’s no inhibition. He puts on a hot show stroking his big cock, playing with his body and shooting a VERY big load. Good news: this impressive cumshot was derived only a day after his last jerk-off.  Max seems a little coy about returning but Corbin Fisher says, “I hope you enjoy getting to know Max as much as I did, and let’s just say that there’s way more where that came from!” YES!

Mathieu Sire at Gay Hoopla. No need to wonder, this hairy chested guy described as a “tall drink of water.” will indeed be back…in a flip fuck scene with Collin Simpson. In fact , Collin makes a cameo in this loosely structure video. GH says about Mathieu, “This hair otter has an amazing honest smile and long sexy legs. He’s super sweet and charming with an hot slender body. The hair for us is such a turn on! OMG!”

Mathieu has what used to be called simply a “swimmer’s body” for anyone who looks tall, lean, and broad shouldered. Other than the fact hat this is his first time on camera Mathieu doesn’t reveal much. After  he shoots his load the camera guy asks him what he was thinking about to make himself cum but Mathieu doesn’t divulge it. Our thought was that it was some straight thing and he didn’t want to shatter the hopes of his gay audience.  But in the preview of his scene with Collin he reveals he has bottomed before…for a big cock. And he’s a big shooter…a keeper for sure.

Bo Conner at Active Duty. Coming up this week is this guy who’s about to be shipped out. Before that though he wants to be here and show off.. The site says, “He has a very nice thick cock with great length. He has a few tattoos but just the right amount so it’s not overbearing and he has the perfect amount of hair. Bo makes look like your average next door type of guy but he has a secret in that he can only cum in a specific kind of way which you will find out at the very end of the scene.

“Bo grips his cock and soon enough you can see just how much girth he has on that hard dick. He likes to look in at the camera as he plays with his cock. Bo begins to fuck a towel on the carpet. He grinds it hard for a few seconds and that’s all it takes as he pops right up onto his knees and blasts his load all over the floor. Enjoy!”  Curious?

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