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This week at Hot House, the porn noir movie The Fixer wraps up in spectacular fashion with the studio brand’s first four-way scene in over four years! The group sex scene is just part of the action in the finale as director Nick Foxx ties up all the plot threads, one in an arguably unexpected way. As we’ve mentioned before Foxx related to us that this was his favorite movie to date and it certainly should rank as one of his most accomplished works.  Warning: spoilers ahead…

To recap, Alex (Austin Wolf) is a wealthy man with a weakness for slightly dangerous sex with his regular escort Derek (Alex Mecum). The escort secretly records one of their encounters and sells the hard drive to a mystery person who is out to destroy Alex. He blackmails Alex for a tidy $250K but Alex hires the Fixer Wolf (Tyler Roberts) to take care of the matter without involving the police. Unfortunately Alex’s boyfriend Tony (Beaux Banks) has decided to get involved and he brings the money to the blackmailer Don (Skyy Knox). It turns out that Don feels he was personally wronged and wants to get back at Alex. He gets Tony to give up his body to him as part of the deal and then reneges on it by holding him for ransom.

In the finale the Fixer Mr Wolf (Tyler Roberts), his Associate (Arad Winwin), and Alex (Austin Wolf) go to the garage where Don (Skyy Knox) is holding Tony (Beaux Banks) captive for $3 million! Don is unaware they know where he is so they’re able to surprise him and hold him at gunpoint. He pleads for mercy from Mr Wolf but it’s too late. Austin gets in a satisfying punch and in no time Skyy has been overpowered and stripped naked for a revenge fucking.

Skyy Knox is always good in channeling the drama of a scene into his performances and he has quite a bit to channel here. Tyler, Austin & Arad take turns on brutalizing him at either end and for an extended sequence there’a barely any moment when he isn’t being spit-roasted by two of the guys while the third watches and/or holds him down. There’s a lot of muscle and cock involved in his getting revenge fucked and he moans, groans and yells out frequently.

The revenge fuck gets kicked up another notch as Skyy is double-penetrated by Arad and Tyler while Austin continues to assault his mouth and throat. At one pint Austin and Arad switch places as one would expect in this story. After all this is all personal to Austin’s character whose life and love is being threatened here. Then as Skyy is held down the trio take turns fucking him on his back. He’s also pec-punched, choked, slapped and forced to cum. Fed his own cum and sweat he’s then put down on the floor to his knees where the guys shoot on him. They push him to the floor and force him to tell where Tony is being held.

Skyy Knoxx‘s Don begs top be let go and Mr Wolf (Tyler Roberts) informs him of what he and the Associate (Arad Winwin) have planned for him. In this case we won’t tell you what happens. (Derek) Austin Wolf finds the bound Tony (Beaux Banks) and the lovers are happily reunited. A shaken Tony gets a little more lowdown on the details of his rescue and they drive off. Oh yes, and there’s one more little twist via a voice-over. All’s well that ends well?

Lastly, as you know the The Fixer DVD version also has three bonus scenes selected by Nick Foxx from the Falcon Studios Group vault. Usually directors pick scenes and/or movies that are similar is plot, genre, character, etc. Here there’s a scene from the 2010 mildly kinky semi-thriller Snap Shot from late director John Bruno and featuring Erik Rhodes and Steven Daigle. From the 2008 Steven Scarborough Hot House feature Verboten Part 2 there’s a scene with CJ Madison & Dillon Crow. And from the 2011 Raging Stallion Tony Dimarco MMA epic Brutal Part 1 there’s a three-way with Spencer Reed, Jason Adonis & Trent Diesel.

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