Naked Sword’s Halloween Treat!

Naked Sword has a new series starting this week, The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales that’s described as a “sinister” Halloween treat. In fact it will wrap up ON Halloween.  Naked Sword‘s Naked Sword Originals has dabbled in multiple fright-fests and thrillers before this: Ultra Fan, Scared Stiff, A Wicked Game, FratHouse Cream, and, Stalker. But this time director mr. Pam is going ever darker with The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales, described as a “collection of terrifying stories of frightful fucking from beyond the grave.” A word of warning: this first episode’s trailer reveals the twist. 

This week’s premiere episode stars Gabriel Alanzo (who played a dark angel in Falcon’s Earthbound) as a young man who makes a bargain with the Devil, played by Jonah Fontana. And as with so many tales in which someone makes a deal with the devil, it never quite works out the way they want. As the newsletter says. “You always end up getting fucked when you bargain with the king of the demons – literally!”

In “The Ultimate Sacrifice” sexy Gabriel Alanzo is described as a “handsome youth-obsessed go-go dancer” who apparently seems to have a previous relationship with the Devil. The master of the underworld is a cigar-smoking, chain-wearing, dominant leather-daddy type perfectly cast as Jonah Fontana. Obviously mr Pam is following the Hamlet standard that “the devil has the power to assume a pleasing disguise.” It would be very hard to resist any temptation offered by Jonah Fontana!

In the scene Gabriel Alanzo “summons the Devil (Jonah Fontana) to make a deal. He’d like to offer his soul in exchange for eternal youth and beauty. The Devil accepts his offer – but first instructs the hot young stud to suck his cock. After a brutal ass fuck the young man think’s he’s paid the price but there’s always hell to pay when you’re dealing with the Devil.”  The scene is properly dark and foreboding and the sex is hot, with rough ‘n’ tumble style as you might expect with this kind of premise. And, as we mentioned the scene has an ironic twist at the end, a staple of tales where someone makes a deal with the devil.

Coming up more tales of with a pretty amazing cast which includes Casey Jacks, Justin Brody, Leo Luckett, Pheonix Fellington, Ruckus, AND Viktor Belmont, transgender male performer making his Naked Sword debut! Stay tuned…

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