Cocky Boys: Arad & Ollie!

Cocky Boys has a number of surprises in their newest scene…and they’re all  really good ones. The scene features the return of sultry muscle stud Arad Winwin AND the first appearance of Ollie, the former Sean Cody fave, who has been appearing in a number of places (and under different names) since going freelance. And in another surprise Ollie fits in very well at Cocky Boys. It’s also a night time scene which appears to have been filmed on Fire Island and it gives the scene a mysteriously sexy quality. What is NOT surprising is that while the scene looks different it’s pure Cocky Boys: a high quality scene with natural chemistry and oh-so hot sex.

The opening of the video has dramatic impact that really grips you and takes you into the fantasy. Whose fantasy? It’s Ollie who mentions having a thing for older men to take control and having their way with him control, We catch glimpses of Arad Winwin and Ollie getting dressed to go out cruising. Ollie spots Arad heading down the boardwalk and follows him to the beach. They spend little time chatting before they walk back up the boardwalk to make out next to a beach house. There’s a single porch light illuminating these two which gives it an extra element of dark lust as Arad goes down and sucks Ollie. 

Ollie is definitely NOT a silent performer. True, these two guys must keep their voices down and confine themselves to whispers and sighs but Ollie is verbal and vocal throughout the scene. And it all sounds like it’s very natural to him and that he means every word. He may be acting out a fantasy of being controlled by another man but not when it comes to expressing himself.

Ollie puts a stop to the sucking and brings Arad inside the house. Arad sits in a chair, chosen for a specific reason as you’ll see, and takes control in a kind of royal manner. He tells Ollie to take off his shirt and show him what he’s got. He kisses and caresses Ollie’s thick muscled torso and then takes off his own shirt before returning to Ollie’s body abd reaching into his jeans to feel his prominent bubble butt. There’s a breathless “Oh my God” then comes out of Ollie’s mouth that to many ears will translate into, “I can’t believe this is happening”. This intense scenario has both guys hard and Arad initiates a little mutual muscle worship. Ollie’s pants are slipped down even more and his beautiful muscled ass is revealed. Even though we’ve seen it before in scenes his butt still is worthy of the pause button.

The guys get out of their jeans and Ollie goes down on Arad. When he does you’ll see why Arad picked the chair. It’s adjacent to a mirror and huge can watch himself getting sucked. Clearly he loves the cocksucking he’s getting from Ollie but watching himself probably makes it even hotter. Arad accentuates it even more by holding Ollie by the back of the head as he blows him. It sure looks like Ollie is getting close to making Arad shoot. Fortunately they do it slow things down some.

Arad then takes Ollie over to the wall (next to the mirror) and Ollie leans up to it but arches his back slightly to stick out his ass a little more. He tempts with his ass and Arad teases back with his cock. Ollie is clearly pretty tight so Arad has to take it relatively slow at first, kiss Olie’s neck and hold him close. As he moves faster he can again watch himself in the mirror. Sure there’s a touch of narcissism here but we think of it like simultaneous exhibitionism and voyeurism. At one point Arad gets Olllie to look at himself getting fucked and he also has Ollie suck on his fingers.

When they move over to the bed they take an interesting position that at first looks like it would be uncomfortable. Ollie is bent over the edge of the bed and  Arad can basically move all over him in different ways.  He fucks Ollie with chest against Ollie’s back and kisses his neck. He also holds Ollie’s hands behind his back. He holds Ollie down by the neck and head. It’s dominance to be sure and Ollie moans and groans quite a bit but it’s also just what Ollie wanted.

Arad Winwin gets Ollie on his back to finish him off and it feels like they’re totally connected here They look into each other’s eyes and kiss and by the way Ollie breathlessly says ” yes..yes.. yes…” it’s pretty obvious Arad has hit his internal trigger.  Soon after that Arad hits the bullseye as Ollie he says “just like that” and not long after that he cums in a very vocal and intense manner..and his cum goes everywhere. Within a few seconds Arad pulls out and shoots his big load over Ollie’s body. By the way, it might be in the editing but  it sure looks like Arad knows how to cum at the right time!

At the end it appears Cocky Boys has two super-satisfied and happy guys. They must have known they had a terrific scene!

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