Titan Men’s Bad Cop 2 Finale

This week Titan Men features Dallas Steele and Dakota Rivers in the finale to voyeuristic fantasy Bad Cop 2 . As we have seen in the three scenes so far, the hot & horny cops who are getting it on in the precinct locker room and break room are being watched on tapes recorded by a surveillance camera by one of the senior officers Dallas Steele. And Officer Steele isn’t just watching. He’s jacking off to the “free porn.” Dakota Rivers is one of the officers who Dallas was watching and now he’s joined him to watch the tape of Micah Brandt & Tex Davidson (from scene 2).

As this episode “Mid-Shift Friday, 4:43 PM” opens Micah & Tex are in the throes of their intense orgasm. However Dallas Steele hasn’t cum yet and he’s still hard and looking to get off. As he tells Dakota Rivers, ” I don’t know about you but I’m not done yet.” He plops himself down on the desk and without any questions or orders Dakota goes down on him. Perhaps this indicates that Dallas is Dakota’s superior or his partner Dakota spends a long time sucking Dallas so if you like oral sex scenes you’ll fully appreciate the slowly deliberate, thorough, and relentless cocksucking from Dallas.

Dallas returns the favor with the same style and comfort level so we get the impression this probably isn’t the first time these two cops have engaged in some sexual shenanigans. Come to think of it when we first saw Dakota come upon Dallas in his office (in scene 2) he wasn’t shocked by this display of voyeurism. So it seems likely they’re into the same thing. Whatever the case there’s something very appealing about this less rushed and intense, almost wordless cocksucking sequence.

The tempo of the scene doesn’t change when Dallas sits on Dakota;s cock and starts riding him, but as he gets used to his cock that changes. Dallas moans more and starts to move up and down on Dakota with increasing speed and sexual energy. And at one point he remains motionless as Dakota rumps into him. But he also starts getting verbal with the dirty talk. With Dallas thrusting and Dallas stroking there comes a dramatic moment, very possibly unplanned. Dallas is edging himself and he gets too close. He stops stroking and lets go of his cock but a huge stream of precum and ejaculate pours out. We’ve seen this before in other performers who can deliver multiple orgasms and maybe Dallas is in this elite group.

Dakota Rivers finishes Dallas Steele by fucking him on his back. Dallas does indeed cum again, with a more vividly emotional orgasm…just with less cum. Not so with Dakota who pulls out and shoots a thick wad over Dallas’ balls and cock. It’s impressive enough to elicit a loud exclamation from Dallas.  Lastly, They kiss and Dakota breaks his silence to ask if there’s a camera in the training room. When Dallas answers an enthusiastic yes, Dakota is already planning another viewing party! That we’d like to see too!

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