Dominic Pacifico & Tyler’s Room Team-Up

Late last month it was announced that Dominic Pacifico had joined forces with fellow indie site Tyler’s Room and that Dominic would be creating brand new exclusive for this site. The press release said that this content “is truly great and comes with Dominic’s trademark artistry.” and it turns out this was not empty hype. BOTH sites have been featuring terrific, can’t miss scenes with some of porn’s hottest guys. This week alone hot man Pierce Paris is in scenes at Dominic Pacifico AND Tyler’s Room : one with Casey Everett, the other with Alex Mecum!  Here’s a rundown of what’s going on at both sites.

Tyler’s Room 

The newest scene with Pierce Paris and Alex Mecum is quite a pairing, arguably the hottest of the week and we say that after only seeing the preview. Physically well-matched and on the same page as performing styles go.  As the site describes, “After a long hard day of pumping iron Alex and Pierce decide to enjoy a hot sweaty afternoon by the pool. The beautiful gazebo by the pool is the perfect place to have a sex party by themselves.

“With intense passion the two muscle hunks can’t keep their hands off of each other. They take turns going down on each other before Alex finally gives in and takes Pierce’s 10 inch cock. Being the versatile lovers that they are, after Alex gives up his tight hole to Pierce and can’t take any more, then Pierce returns the favor. Alex flips him over and licks his ass good before giving him his huge raw cock. Pierce takes a good pounding until they both bust a massive load on top of there sweaty muscular bodies. Check out the preview here.”

Alex Mecum can also be found here at Tyler’s Room in another poolside video…a solo. “Alex loves to relax out by the pool and enjoy the sun. Today he has a overwhelming libido that won’t let him rest until he satisfies the nagging urge between his legs. Sprawling out on his out door bed he rubs and caresses himself, then pulls out his rock hard meat and releases the juicy pressure all over himself.”  preview here


Dominic’s beau Casey Everett is a regular at Dominic Pacifico so naturally he was featured here. In his solo he’s described as a “mischievous boy with a naughty side. He’s a power bottom who loves to play with himself and fantasize about what men would do to him in bed. He likes to sniff and lick his pits and imagine how much other men would enjoy his sweaty boy scent. He loves feet and takes his time sniffing and licking his own, and getting himself aroused. He has the perfect looking rock hard cock, and he knows how to stroke it good and hard until he shoots his milky white cum out.” preview here.

Casey Everett was also in a red-hot scene with beautiful Jack Hunter!: “Jack and Casey find themselves alone on a beautiful afternoon. There’s a kinda twinkle in Casey’s eyes when he looks at Jack. You can see the passion between the too when they kiss. You can tell when Jack is aroused because his massive 9 inch cock grows full length and gets very thick. Casey loves to worship jacks beautiful tool sucking and drooling on every inch to get it nice and wet for his tight little boy hole. The romance between the two quickly turns into primal urge as Jack ravages casey in every position he possibly can.” preview here.


And lastly DP also filmed a Jack Hunter solo: “Jack Loves to relax in his bed and let the time pass by stroking his massive cock. No one is home so Jack takes his time feeling his body and working up a huge boner. With balls aching full of cum, Jack jerks himself long and slow until he pops his sweet load out onto his smooth skin.” preview here.


Dominic Pacifico 

In Pierce Paris‘ other new scene directed by Dominic, he “comes over to visit Casey Everett, looking for an afternoon delight. Casey is always ready to take a big cock, and pierce has the biggest 10 inch cock in Las Vegas. Racing to get there clothes off, Casey worships pierces’s huge meat until he finally gets fuck like to wouldn’t believe.” preview here.


 Lance Hart is mostly a kink-fetish performer but he still does “mainmstream” porn.  The description refers to Lance as a “Hot Silver fox, with a breathtaking demeanor. He loves watching himself stroke his cock in the mirror. Showing off for Dominic at the same time he jerks his cock until he shoots a fat load on himself.” preview here

Dominic Pacifico and Casey Everett are in scenes together too as in this scene from a few weeks ago. The guys “go to Whistler Canada for gay ski week. Cold and snowing outside they are warm and cosy by the fire and they can’t keep their hands off each other. Filmed on a cell phone in the style of Fans only, Dominic barebacks Casey cumming in his ass twice whilst never pulling out to cum. Casey shoots his load all over himself and Dominic keeps fucking him till the very end of the scene”. preview here.

Check out both sites. Really worth your while.

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