Next Door Studios In October 2017 Part 3

As we wrap up our look at upcoming releases for Next Door Studios there are just a few left to preview, including a late addition to the schedule. However’s there’s one more new face, information on another newcomer to the site, and a the second appearance of a very hot model who recently returned to porn after 8 years!

“His Perfect Ass” features Steve Rogers as a horny young man who wakes up to see the exposed butt of his sleeping bunkmate Allen Lucas. Steve isn’t content to just jerk off fantasizing abut Allen’s “perfect ass.” He takes his sleeping buddy’s hand with which to jerk off his hard cock. As expected Allen wakes up BUT unlike other such scenes where the slumbering guy wakes up and is shocked or angered by the intrusion Allen squeezes harder and asks if there’s more. Allen then goes down on Steve and offers up his ass for Steve to fuck. Which he does.

“Cheater’s Needs” features Ty Thomas as a neglected husband whose beau can barely muster up a peck on the cheek when he leaves for work.  Although sexually frustrated the blond keeps telling himself he won’t resort to cheating. However his very hot neighbor dark-haired, hairy-chested and muscular Lucas Vick lives across the street and is aware of what’s going on…and he keeps an eye out for Ty. So, when Ty sees Lucas he signals the eager man over. Inside they have a romantically sensuous encounter with kissing, sucking and flip-fucking.

Lucas Vick is the one we mentioned above and in our last Next Door Studios post as the former Randy Blue model who started was there from 2007-2009 and just started filming again..with this site. Lucas was a handsome cub-type when at RB and he returns to porn looking even hotter. This isn’t always the case when a performer returns after an extended absence which is why it’s gratifying to see it herewith Lucas. By the way, we hope there are more former models from other sites who return for more.

Then, there’s “Catfish Twinked” with Christian Bay and Travis Berkley in his first appearance at Next Door Studios The video is is a take on the reality show that exposes people who use fake pics and identities to flirt and make dates that they have no intention of keeping. Christian and a cameraman for the fictional show “Fake Bait”confront Travis the guy faking his identity, Christian dopes get it especially because he finds Travis attractive as he is. Christian proves it by shutting the door on the cameraman and  flip-fucking with Travis in his bedroom.

Coming soon: A preview of November releases from Next Door Studios

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