Alex Mecum & Brandon Cody!

Few months ago you probably wouldn’t have foreseen super-hot and ultra-popular Alex Mecum and former Sean Cody model Brandon Cody in a scene together but this weekend it happens at! It’s a stand alone scene titled  “Fuck The Phony” which the site summarizes as follows: “Brandon decides to go see a medium to reach his ex-girlfriend, Tonya. Alex plays along and convinces Brandon that what Tonya really wants, is for them to hook up. Anything for Tonya.” 

It’s a purposely silly premise but the main thing it brings these two popular guys together. As usual Alex Mecum is a dynamic performer seems compatible with everyone and the energy he brings to this scene appears to bring it out of Brandon Cody.  That said, although kissing is mentioned, the trailer doesn’t show any.  Nor does it show Brandon sucking Alex.  Chemistry? That remains to be sen. We’ll find out this weekend.

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