Jeremy Spreadums’ Jeremy Sex Talk

Performer Jeremy Spreadums has launched his own YouTube series Jeremy Sex Talk, a show in which he and special guests discuss a variety of topics related to gay sex. Written and directed by Jeremy it appears to be a weekly series although he’s launched it with three episodes…which we have for you here. The first show (at the top) is an introduction to the series in which Jeremy explains who he is, what this new project is about and what you’ll be seeing. As you’ll see he’s very enthusiastic about the series and we wish him well with it. So far, so good. You can subscribe at his YouTube channel.

In episode 2 “Truvada (PrEP)” Jeremy and special guest Aaron Christianson-Quick, a post-doctorate fellow at UCSD discuss and demystify the drug beyond Jeremy’s brief explanation. They answer FAQ about side effects, effectiveness, other resources to learn about it, and more. They’re very thorough and discuss PrEP in an an easily understandable way.

The topic is episode 3 “Suck It (Oral Sex)” should be pretty self-evident. Jeremy Spreadums is joined by his “experienced” friend Josh to talk about oral sex etiquette, hygiene and how to “freshen up” your dick, techniques, the difference between sucking cut or uncut dicks, and more. As for deep-throating, Jeremy says that’s a topic for a future episode. Wanna bet that gets a lot of hits? Stay tuned for more…

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