Cocky Boys’ Coming Attractions!

Cocky Boys has revised the “Upcoming Updates” section of the front page and we’re excited to say the least. Of course the main thing is the number of hot match-ups to come plus what appears to be a new series. We don’t have any dates for the releases so we’re posting them in random, not chronological order. This list doesn’t even include the Bruce LaBruce collaborations which we know are also coming up later this month (or next) and in December. 

Alex Mecum & Taylor Reign.  Really, everything these two guys do is hot and exciting so we fully expect this muscly match-up to follow suit. While both are versatile performers it appears that Alex is doing the topping. And since Taylor has this thing for getting manhandled by bigger muscular guys we’re hoping that Alex does just that. Plus there’s the cock factor. Both guys have very photogenic dicks!

JUST ONE NIGHT: Allen King & Calvin Banks. Another very perfect pairing with an intriguing title. The picture shows that indeed this was shot at night…in front of car headlights? If this is a series as it seems we’re hoping that the studio releases them close together if not one after the other like they did with Camp CockyBoys which really turned out so well

Arad Winwin & Justin Matthews. Again the match-up of the bodies beautiful. Arad & Justin are generally what we consider soft-spoken but the they turn into passionate dynamos in their scenes. We’re quite curious about this scene and how they’ll interact.

Allen King & Josh Moore.  This outdoor sex scene looks like it was filmed in late summer and it appears that Josh & Allen are indulging in a little kinky bondage. We’re dying to know just who decided to instigate this!

Justin Matthews & Ollie.  We’re happy to see Ollie back for more after his impressive debut the other day. We were concerned that he might only be appearing once but that usually doesn’t happen here. It also appears that this was also shot on Fire Island which may mean that Justin & Arad’s scene was also shot there and this is the third of a “trilogy”.

There are some more scenes coming up that we’re just dying to tell you about. One is MAJOR. We heard there’s also a possibility that Cocky Boys will be releasing Meeting Liam in its entirety for Halloween. Won’t THAT be perfect? Stay tuned…


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