In October 2017 Part 3

In our latest spotlight on upcoming releases at you’ll find that Halloween will be celebrated here with TWO consecutive mini-series ! Yes, the last six days Of October will feature hot guys in peril! Some will run into danger in the backwoods of bayou country, courtesy of director Marc MacNamara, while director Alter Sin puts some Euro-studs into the maelstrom of paranormal activity in a haunted house! Will ANYONE survive? Plus, among other scenes there are some returning models, newer ones and some continuing mini-series. All in all, a jam-packed last half of the month.

We start with the continuation of the anthology Side Piece about not-so straight guys getting some side sex from guys. In part 2 Leon Lewis is enjoying the company of Jacob Peterson unaware that he’s been spied on…by the brother of girlfriend. The brother tries to take pics of to send to his sister but they wind up blurry. So he goes inside the house and clumsily snaps pics of Leon fucking Jacob..and winds up getting caught by Leon.. Will Leon’s secret be revealed ?

The third episode is even more farcical as Jimmy Durano‘s “side piece”, super-horny Max Wilde can’t stay away and shows up at the door… while Jimmy’s wife is home. Posing as a plumber to fix the kitchen sink (without any tools, a detail that escapes the wife’s eyes) Max and Jimmy get it on in the kitchen while the wife in in the other room. Canb they possibly get away with this? They can at !

In the conclusion of Marc MacNamara’s Naughty Houseguest the title character Aston Springs either gets his last comeuppance or his last reward.  As we’ve seen Aston was the most popular guy in school who made life miserable for several classmates…Seth Knight, Jacob Porter & Diego Sans, and now current roommates. He’s fallen on hard times and surprisingly Seth has invited to stay over to show him how well they’re doing..compared to him.  One by one the roommates get back at him by fucking him and in part 3 Aston hits on Diego making it appear Aston got the best end of this.

Fuck Me Silly concludes in a predictable way but that doesn’t take away from its hotness. To recap sexually frustrated couple Cliff Jensen & Will Braun have couple Ethan Slade & Roman Todd as house guests and one morning Ethan seduces Cliff (part 1) while Roman seduces Will (part 2). A confrontation ensues in part 3 but at Will’s suggestion they forget all that and just have sex: fourgy!

The stand alone scene title “Sneaky Slut” could refer to any or all of the characters here! Is it Jack Kross, the horny stud who sneaks into the bedroom of Tobias James to have a quickie? Or is it Tobias who hides Jack under the covers to keep his new stepfather Ryan Bones in the dark about his secret beau? Or is is Ryan himself who uncovers the liaison and leads a three-way with the two guys? You decide!

The series Reality Blows features the debut of big hunk Jason Vario! Jason looks like he can barely tolerate roommate Trent King getting frisky with his girlfriend while they’re trying to watch a movie. Before the movie is over Trent and his girl go to the bedroom to fuck loud so Jason calls up Ethan Chase and he comes over. In no time they’re sucking and fucking in the living room. While Jason is pounding Ethan, Trent wakes up and gets a big shock seeing his studly friend fucking another guy!

In the upcoming part 2 Trent King can’t sleep after seeing his buddy Jason Vario so he goes back to the living room after Ethan has left and Jason is lying on the sofa. Soon he can’t resist and starts sucking Jason and before long Jason is fucking is eager friend. Just one big issue. Trent’s girlfriend wakes up and sees Jason fucking Trent who’s enjoying every inch up his ass!

Oh the travails of horny straight guys! In “Testing The Rubber” Connor Maguire finds a positive pregnancy test and discovers is girlfriend is knocked up. Upset Connor decides to test his condom with the help of gay roommate Max Wilde. Max goes along for the ride and gets a deep fucking…all in the name of friendship!

Then there are the Halloween treats. On October 26 Marc MacNamara presents The Bayou, a gay porn take on the low budget horror movies of the 70s and 80s mixed with American Horror Story. =SPOILERS AHEAD!= In part 1 Paul Canon and his boyfriend Tobias take a road trip to visit Paul’s family in the bayou. Unfortunately they get lost and with no where to turn take the offer of a place to stay for the night from hunky but creepy Michael Roman. In their room Paul & Tobias fuck and take a shower ….but someone is watching. The site has a terrific, riveting trailer for part 1 that’s well done but oh so scary. It also features a cameo by Diego Sans!

The next day releases part 2 in which Tobias is chained up in some rickety shack where torn bloody sheets hang from the ceiling. He gets loose and narrowly escapes a tall beefy man wearing a doll’s head mask and wielding a meat cleaver! He runs into the woods and comes upon Damien Stone‘s house. Damien calls the police for Tobias and while they wait Damien seduces the frightened young man.  They wind up sucking and fucking and finally the police arrive. But why is Tobias not happy to see the cops?

In part 3 on October 28 we learn Paul Canon is part of a crazy conspiracy to bring hunky boyfriends down to the bayou where he, Damien Stone and Michael Roman feed the human flesh to their hungry gators to keep the critters well fed and good for resale. Tobias is next on the menu but before that the redneck trip have a three-way. While they’re busy Tobias  escapes….or does he?

On October 29 director Alter Sin presents Paranormal, an atmospheric three-part series about the unexplained supernatural goings on in a spooky house experienced by Paddy O’Brian and his wife.  The trailer is hard to fathom but the site says, “Paddy and his wife are staying in a spooky house. She runs off to take care of some errands and Paddy decides to invite Nicolas [Brooks] over for some sexy fun. The wife comes back early and catches them in the act, but Paddy finds a way to convince her that Nicolas isn’t really there.” By the way, Paddy’s body is so hot here! By the way watch the trailer for a funny reference to the  recent MEN “salad” scene that went viral.

On October 30 In part 2 (Day 2) ghost hunters Theo Ford and Gabriel Cross have been called in to confirm supernatural activity but Paddy tells them it was a ruse he used to cheat on his wife. So he suggests they hang out, confirm there’s nothing paranormal going on and leave. Theo and Gabriel stick round to  “have some of their own fun. But…is Paddy really telling the truth?” While Theo and Gabriel are having sex a naked man appears on the video camera …someone they can;’t see with the naked eye!

On Halloween there’s the conclusion of Paranormal. The ghost hunters take a look at  the video footage and report back to Paddy O’Brian that the house IS haunted. At first an un-believer Paddy starts to waver…especially if the paranormal activity can save his marriage. He and Theo Ford can keep their hands off each other and soon they’re having sex while Ken Summers mans the cams.  He sees the ghostly figure of Diego Lauzen  who materializes to have a supernatural three-way with Paddy & Theo. And then…?

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