Cocky Boys’ Just One Night: Levi Karter & Sean Zevran!

Cocky Boys has launched new series Just One Night with a terrific first episode that’s full of unexpected delights. The first one is the most obvious but it’s also newsworthy. It’s the first appearance of star Sean Zevran who joins Cocky Boys as their newest exclusive! We’re sure there’s more to be revealed about that. Second, this episode (and presumably this series) uses the night life of NYC as a backdrop for a change and one specific night: a party at the Museum of Sex. And, though we can’t reveal it here, this episode has a little twist that flips the script fairly early on. And though it is NOT unexpected this is a mega-hot scene with Sean and scene partner Levi Karter in top form.

Once again Jake Jaxson provides one of his wondrous director’s notes and very personal essays that serves as a primer or the series ..and stands alone as apt social commentary. Read it first. It won;t spoil the episode for you one bit but provide a thematic foundation for  Just One Night.

In episode one Levi Karter sneaks out of his apartment while his anonymous boyfriend sleeps and goes out to enjoy some late night fun. He runs into a number of acquaintances, surprises at least one with his going solo, spends a little time at a bar and then makes his way to the aforementioned Museum of Sex. You’ll see several familiar faces here and we’re guessing they’ll also be appearing in the remaining three episodes of Just One Night. Levi meets someone, they spend some time chatting and dancing and thanks to Jacen Zhu (in a non-sex cameo)  they get some alone time in a wacky bouncy room….it’s full of inflated giant breasts. Levi and his friend get frisky but the fact Levi has a boyfriend at home cuts their fun short. And so Levi returns home to his bed where Sean Zevran eagerly waits.

At once Sean and Levi show true affection to each other and they start to make out. What happened earlier in the night isn’t a deterrent. In fact Sean is turned on to learn Levi had lots of admirers but it’s Sean to whom Levi returns and who Sean gets to have. It feels like they’ve renewed their interest in each other. During the scene Sean verbally expresses deep affection to Levi that sounds so real and longstanding. Levi is quite happy sucking Sean and deep throating himas he lies back and Sean seems to relish pumping into Levi’s mouth . Sean also can’t seen to get enough of Levi’s cute and hard bubble butt. He goes to town eating him out and it looks like he’s ready to fuck him but instead they go back to more kissing (yay) Sean feeding his cock to Levi’s mouth and more.

Perhaps least unexpected thing that happens here is Sean Zevran fucking Levi Karter from behind. He mixes it up though by fucking Levi flat with his butt tilted up, doggie style, and holding Levi by the neck and hair. He’s manhandling him somewhat but Levi seem to love it all. They also move their sex off the bed and to a love seat at the foot of the bed. It looks just too small for the guys but we’re proven wrong. Levi flips almost upside to get Sean’s cock i his mouth while Sean gets easy access to his hole for rimming and to his cock for a 69. Sean even manages to pile drive Levi’s hole in this relatively small space. Talent!

As we have noted time after time Cocky Boys makes good use of a scene’s surroundings to create some hot sex tableaux out of the every day furniture. Sean fucks Levi against the love seat then the finish in a nearby chair. There Sean sits while Levi rides his cock, facing him and taking him deep into his hole. It looks like Levi finds his own sweet spot and goes for it. With Sean deep inside him he shoots a huge cannon load of cum that gets Sean in the neck, lands on his pecs and on his abs until Levi has milked out every drop.

Sean stands up and Levi gets on his knees to wait for the cum that Sean pumps out of his huge cock. His aim is true and it most;y goes in Levi’s mouth. They kiss and presumably share that load. At the end they return to bed both eager and content to spend ALL night together. As for Levi’s little jaunt? Oh that’s part of the twist! And now we can’t wait to see what other stories happen out of this special night!

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