Cocky Boys’ Just One Night: Calvin Banks & Allen King

Cocky Boys new series Just One Night continues this week with Calvin Banks and Allen King, another superb pairing in another great episode. This episode seems to confirm what we thought after viewing the first scene with Sean Zevran and Levi Karter. The series takes place on the night of a party/event at the Museum Of Sex and we’re privy to four different stories that spring from this club-like party. The intensely erotic tone characterized the late night time frame are inherent in both episodes BUT the stories in the two scenes so far are very different from one another and each is characterized by a different little twist.

The most interesting twist here is that Calvin Banks is playing a role which seems uncharacteristic of our perception of him. There’s a lot of fun going on at this party and again we see several Cocky Boys in cameos enjoying themselves. However Calvin is not one of them. He’s a bit of a wallflower here as he people watches, he flirts awkwardly, dances by himself, and gets a little tipsy. So he leaves the club empty-handed date-wise. Yes it’s hard to imagine the charming, vivacious Calvin Banks as this character but we’re sure many will relate.

Calvin’s luck changes in an unexpected way. After leaving the club Calvin takes the subway and while sitting there Allen King enters the train …and they start flirting. It’s mostly telltale glances and sweet smiles but as Calvin gets ready to leave the train he casts a look backwards. Sure enough Allen follows Calvin to the parking lot and seconds after Calvin gets in his car Allen pops into the passenger seat. Calvin shows a little boldness as he offers to take him somewhere and Allen agrees but they say nothing on the short drive, just more flirty looks Because this is set at night and it’s close to Halloween there’s a slightly scary tone here… at first. When they pull over in the middle of nowhere they start kissing and all is well.

After a pretty long make-out session in the car that’s both romantic and sexually charged, Calvin gets out of the car and silently beckons Allen to join him in from of the car. It’s at this point that we notice that Calvin is no longer the shy, awkward man but someone in control. They make out some more and when Allen tells him “You’re so sexy” it feels like Calvin has gotten the ultimate confidence builder. Allen goes down on Calvin who turns into the dirty talking performer we’ve come to know. Even Allen responds verbally. Calvin starts to undress a little and lets his big balls hang out. Even in the dim light they’re hard not to notice…and Allen makes sure to pat attention to them much to Calvin’s pleasure. Calvin also responds by reaching over and fingering Allen’s ass. We know where THIS is going.

Once again Cocky Boys realizes of the setting and the available props to make a scene even hotter. The headlights of course give the scene visual dramatic impact while the jeep is put to good use. When Allen wants his turn to get sucked off he sits on top of the jeep bumpers. Frankly the bumper structure on a jeep seems a little uncomfortable but Allen fits there nicely and certainly doesn’t show discomfort. In fact while Calvin sucks him with the same fervor, Allen compliments him saying “You’re the best” or something like that.

At one point Allen King hops down but puts one foot up on the bumper to give Calvin Banks an easy target to rim him/Plus the cameras gets some really great shots too.  The lighting again is so important for overall dramatic impact but in these close-up shots as well.  When Allen wants to be fucked Calvin eases his cock in, almost struggling to work it in. Thanks to the lighting his big cock looks even bigger. And let’s not forget that Calvin knows how to fuck, using his whole body to make it look like he’s giving maximum pleasure with maximum visual impact. As a power bottom Allen contributes mightily by hopping up on the bumper again and leaning back for Calvin to fuck him in an in-the-air missionary. And this was just what Calvin wanted..because he says so.

Allen and Calvin are also skilled flip-fuckers as we’re reminded here. At Allen’s request they switch positions but the dynamic remains the same so the transition to Calvin Banks fucking himself back on Allen’s cock as he leans against the bumper is pretty seamless. Calvin also does what Allen did, putting his foot on the bumper for support and access. BUT he does it backwards. It looks like he’s riding Allen’s cock and in this position he can really find that sweet spot. When he doe he lets go with a big cumshot. Here may be the only drawback to the limited light night scene.. You don’t get to see all of it.  Allen benefits more because he jacks off on Calvin’s relatively better lit face. And they kiss romantically once more.

While the first episode in Just One Night features the twist early on, this episode’s comparatively little twist happens at the end as the guys get dressed and prepare to part ways. We won’t reveal it here but suffice to say it presents the story with a satisfactory wrap up.



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